Woolen dresses

When the street dead of winter in the air like lingering winter Blues, I want to dress in something hot and soft. To immerse oneself into a state of depression, I suggest you make a trip to the shops and choose the perfect wool dress. Besides that shopping cures a bad mood, you still get a great warm dress that will serve you faithfully for the whole cold period of the year.

If you still decide to buy woolen dresses, we recommend you to listen to our recommendations below.

How to choose a wool dress?

In store are completely different color dresses made of wool. But you need to choose exactly what not only suits you but also fits the overall style. For office option is best look to the classic, not flashy colors. Can pay attention to such colors as gray, black and dark blue. Among the best styles for work are sheath dress.

Gathering for a birthday or just an evening stroll, dress, conversely, should be stringent and office. To highlight its exclusivity on the celebration, can pay attention to is represented in the collections of designers bright wool dresses rich festive colors.

Well, if you haven’t decided where you will wear your dress or just want to have it in winter days to be warm and comfortable to go outside, choose a simple and wide dresses. For the soul you can buy sweater dress. It’ll look even chubby girls. Though the slender beauties in properly selected model will not only keep warm but also to emphasize the dignity of the figure.

What to wear your dress?

The first thing we put on under the dress is tights. And a wool dress for cold weather it does not say – in the subject. As he can easily wear warm tights. Despite the fact that they are more warm delicate feminine feet, so they also will look much better with dress wool than nylon. If your dress is not decorated with patterns, then grab yourself some beautiful tights with pictures and your look is instantly transformed.

Under dress with short sleeve you can safely pry off sweaters, t-shirts, mesh. Under the dress, which are large breeding, be sure to wear a top or combipres. Try to wear wool dresses to underwear do not show through, is not only not in season, so also not aesthetically pleasing.

Choosing accessories for a wool dress, prefer a modest necklace, brosam, bracelets and rings. Voluminous and bulky stones with a woolen dress will not be combined.

Shoes you can wear virtually any. Naturally, sandals under tights shouldn’t be worn, but heels, boots or high boots – just what you need.

How to care for a woolen dress?

When choosing a shop woolen dress, make sure whether it’s wool. Be sure to look at the composition. Wool quality dress must be not less than 90%, not 50%. Otherwise, you risk not to buy a first-class woolen products, and as a result, your dress rolled after 1-2 wash. Nice dress and the price will be appropriate. But you will get a product that will serve you not one season.

And to keep woolen dress, wash it by hand. This will protect it from lumps, tension and upset. The shops also sells detergents for washing woolen goods. Such tools are carefully washed and are tailored to the specific washing wool. Should not be used while washing woolen clothes and bleach – stretched and fade.

To dry a woolen dress, also need not so much as other things. Hang it on the pegs is not recommended because wool stretches quickly. Exactly the same happens when squeezing dresses. Better to just put it on a clean towel, which will absorb moisture from the dress. By following these tips, you will retain the original appearance of your dress, and it will continue to delight your eye and warm from the winter cold.

Woolen dresses

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