Women’s underwear

Designers in the season of this year named the main trend is a feminine and for that reason fashionable lingerie for women are made in soft colours with various decorative finishes. Lace, lace, mesh, satin main materials of which made models of lingerie this year.

For special occasions suitable underwear from lycra, which is trimmed with ribbons and lace. Conservatism and classical formulas are different models of blouses in this season that are designed for everyday wear. Tight frame have almost all bras. «Angelica» and»push-up»- the most popular styles this year, they sewn a foam rubber or a hard bone.

In small quantities are also presented in the kits and padded bras. Perhaps the designers want to make women’s Breasts attractive. On the ensemble with the bust to pay attention to when buying a fashionable set. Allure You’ll give a lace tank top which is tight cups. Impressive and seductive looks of the bust, coupled with a garter belt. The most popular form of styles of panties is «panties», and shorts.

The image of a woman doing a modest much closed panties men who are forced to fantasize. Success will be achieved if the bedding set is beautifully decorated.

Women's underwear

The popularity of bikini is a thing of the past and g-string this season is also relevant. Corrective panties will come in handy if you want to hide some figure flaws. In the season this year will be fashionable kits which are sewn of colored fabrics and materials which is decorated with colorful prints. These include floral motifs or imitation skins of peculiar animals. Satin ribbon, lace, fringe, a variety of ruffles, straps — the most popular decoration items this season.

Women's underwear

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