Women’s suede shoes: how to care and where to store

Women's suede shoes: how to care and where to store

Shoes women’s, suede or leather, are an integral part of the wardrobe. Without it, no outfit will look complete. After all, incorrectly matched shoes for the shoes can spoil not only the image, but also your mood. Many leather shoes is uncomfortable, too hard. What kind of good mood you can talk when you feel uncomfortable? Then you should pay attention to suede shoes. It is more supple, soft, sits on the foot perfectly and no pressure anywhere.

Care women’s suede shoes

How many horror stories there are about the care for suede shoes. But do not be afraid, all these vagaries of fancy, if you know the secrets.

1. To clean suede shoes should be only in fully dried condition. If you are in suede in the rain, then dry the shoes carefully. And then take a two-sided brush and clean shoes. Rubber brushes remove fine dust and dirt, but the metal fibers with the other hand like a comb and lift the suede, giving it the appearance of new shoes.

2. To impregnate shoes. A means for impregnation be sure to purchase along with the shoes. Do not skimp on «cosmetics» for shoes. It will help you live your suede longer and last you a few years. Impregnation protects the pile, don’t let it deteriorate under the influence of water, salt and snow. How to impregnate? First time to soak the shoes have three. Each new layer of impregnation should be applied only after a preliminary thorough drying of the past. Also be sure to lift the NAP with a brush. And again apply the impregnation.

3. Daily darken the suede. For this fit, paint spray, which is sold in virtually any Shoe store. It works on the principle of a protective barrier. Paint not only refreshes the look of your shoes, but also repels dirt, makes the suede appear divorces. You can use a soft cream. He takes care of the pile of the suede, making it velvety.

Storage women’s suede shoes

Shoes women’s suede particular, must be stored properly to increase its lifespan. To begin with, remember that sunlight affects the health of your shoes. Many parts deteriorate, crack and fail. Also moist environment will play havoc with your boots or shoes. Buy together with suede shoes special cotton storage bags pair. Of course, you can build a wooden box, or kept in a cardboard box in which were Packed the shoes. But these options are valid though, but worse than bags made of cotton.

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