Women’s sleepwear

About two hundred years ago in Europe appeared first pajamas. Brought it from the East, together with lots of sweets and other goods. Treated it first as a kind of gimmick. The word pajamas in Hindi, literally translated as «clothes for legs». Usually it was loose and light pants. They were delayed for a special drawstring around the waist of the one who wore it.

Gradually in Europe the attitude to this outfit. And wealthy aristocrats began to dress her for the night, satisfied with its free fine lines and soft materials. Pajamas and then moved to the women in their closet. Tried here designers well-known companies. For example, the well-known Coco Chanel was always interested in beautiful, comfortable and fashionable pajamas. It should be noted that the popularity of women’s sleepwear has increased significantly, when the fashion icons of Hollywood began to actively promote.

Pajamas have long ceased to be used for its intended purpose. Now women’s pajamas like some homemade costume. Like any garment it has its own properties that it would be good to know many women. Let’s try to talk a little bit about the features of women’s sleepwear.

Choosing this type of clothing, please pay attention to your figure. If you have big enough Breasts, it is better to opt for free options pajamas. If you are a slim girl that has a low rise, women’s pajamas are close-fitting just for you. And try to choose bright pajamas she will approach you in the first place. For those who want to look a little fuller, you should pay attention to women’s pajamas, with a horizontal strip. If you are a plump woman, choose your shorts-boxers and they add a t-shirt. Or find a cropped pajamas. But for those plump women who have a high growth, better suit women’s pyjamas with vertical stripes.

The material from which made women’s pyjamas, it is different. Avoid pajamas made of lycra or nylon. It is unlikely they will feel good. Beware also of the pajamas, which are manufactured using wool and acrylic, especially if you are prone to allergies. Note also in fashion today, Teddy pajamas. Although they are beautiful and very soft, but have a pile that may get into the mouth or in the nostrils. Very unpleasant.

Choose women’s pajamas, made of linen or calico. Very beautiful and practical nightwear from silk. And yet remarkably, if the pajamas are made from cotton. Synthetic materials are best to stop the attention to sleepwear viscose. It is known that this material allows the skin to breathe.

Often women pajamas have decorations. Various ribbons and lace are a great addition to this outfit. Although the practical value they have, however beautiful, isn’t it? If you want to look sexy, look for different special kits. They consist of short shorts and top. Your partner will admire you when you dressed like that.

Women’s sleepwear as any clothing, individual thing. Therefore, studying our recommendations, try to find your personal style. And then you will feel confident and comfortable at any time.

Below in the photo gallery you will find women’s sleepwear :

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