Women’s short jackets

Short jacket is always stylish and relevant women’s clothing item. Such a thing must be the Arsenal of the girl who is always aware of all innovations of fashion. This jacket is very comfortable at any time of the year, stylish and skims the figure. How to choose a short coat for the season?

Short spring and autumn jackets are very functional. In addition, they perfectly protect from the weather, they also can perfectly replace the jacket and wear as long as possible light dresses without harm.

So the short jacket can be useful even in summer, in cool weather.

Choosing a short jacket for the fall, pay particular attention to the details. Fashion jackets-leather jacket — one of the best options. Quality leather is good because it is waterproof and elastic, so it will only protect you from getting wet, will last a long time and give you freedom of movement. If you prefer short shirts and sweatshirts, and long tunics and sweaters you don’t wear, then choose a jacket with knitted band at cuffs and hem. This will prevent wind blowing, and as a consequence, cold.

And we should not forget about the thermometer reading. Even if at the beginning of September, but the temperature outside is above 10 degrees, prefer outerwear insulated lining.

You can for example choose a short autumn jackets from raincoat fabric with insulation of polyester batting, silicone fluff. Such clothing is suitable for nemorose winter. To cover the head from the cold wind, rain or snow, choose a jacket with a hood or jacket Park. It is very practical, because it has a lot of pockets, and, moreover, in some models, the lining is removable so it can be worn not only in summer but cold in winter.

What to wear a short coat?

As a daily option short jackets are successfully combined with the casual, i.e. jeans, sweaters-switchtime, sneakers, sneakers and shoes. But to add a feminine touch to this image will help heeled ankle boots and a small purse. Also depending on the time of year short jacket can be combined with dresses.

Own efforts you can create a wonderful set, she tried on a jacket with matching pants or her dress, and to complete the image will help court shoes, trendy glasses and a big bag.

Womens jackets parks and a short denim jacket, depending on the time of year, the perfect complement to the design swag and indie.

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