Women’s shoes sergio rossi – art of conquer

Women's shoes sergio rossi – art of conquer

World popular women’s shoes sergio rossi obtained through the son of an Italian shoemaker, childhood has before my eyes the example of his father. Sergio has absorbed a love of this profession, though, as you need to devote yourself to the beloved, and in the middle of the last century went to Milan to further explore the secrets of mastery. After two years, he understood the principles of the structure, which is a continuation of the legs and needs to highlight her beauty and grace.

The formation of Sergio Rossi

In the early 60-ies of the creative way of Sergio Rossi closely intertwined with Giovanni Versace, who, like anyone else, knew the female body and how it needs to beat its beauty in clothing. Products Sergio also traced the harmony between a woman’s legs and shoes that are put on them. Thanks to this tandem soon in the shops of Bologna can be purchased the first model from Rossi, a pair of small womens shoes looked great.

They immediately won the national love and fashion houses of Milan and already can’t imagine my collection without this brand. Boutiques under the name Sergio Rossi appear not only in Italy but in Brussels, London, Los Angeles and new York. World shows and presentations have honed the taste of the Maestro, and women’s shoes, sergio rossi has become the standard to which you should aspire, Shoe fashion.

Features of the sergio rossi shoes

Credo Sergio was the desire to create a refined form of the all women stalk shoes, not individual shoes, which was supposed to be a continuation and embellishment of feminine nature. The flowing curves of the soles emphasize the beauty of forms and lines, combining with a casual top.

The heel does not interfere with their jerky movements, despite the considerable height, which is achieved by block, exactly tailored to the requirements of comfort.

It is probably needless to mention that the materials are not only natural, but also of unsurpassed quality, as this brand is extremely popular among many famous people: Madonna, Salma Hayek, Rihanna, Jessica Alba (going to the store, you are unlikely to find a pair of cheap shoes for women).

Sandals from Sergio Rossi almost weightless, consisting of intricately intertwined thin straps and floral ornaments, easy openwork interspersed with Swarovski crystals, different colors and shades. It is not just beautiful shoes – she is really sexy with a delicate stiletto heel and platform, a wedge heel and even no heel.

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