Women’s shoes autumn: its types and features

Women's shoes autumn: its types and features

Like any women’s shoes, fall should make a woman beautiful. But at this time of year is equally important practicality. Shoes should not lose its positive qualities under the influence of dampness and dirt.

The basic requirements for women’s autumn shoes

Autumn is a season characterized by high humidity and large fluctuations in temperature. Thus, the main practical task entrusted to the autumn shoes is to protect feet from water and cold. But at the same time too warm it shouldn’t be either. Not passing water, shoes should be well air-permeable. This is important so the skin can breathe. Otherwise the legs will be tired pretty fast, and can even develop skin diseases. For the same reason, the legs should not be very hot. Ideal for this period – natural leather.

This material possesses all these properties. Therefore, leather shoes are very popular among girls and is always fashionable. These shoes are easy to buy in a specialty store or the shoes of Otto.

Fashion autumn shoes

Every girl wants to look stylish, so women’s shoes, autumn or any other, needs to be fashionable. Lately in fashion this season high boots. It is, moreover, a quite practical solution, since you have to walk through puddles better in them than in open shoes. The most popular shoes on a high platform. It also has its own rationale – it is more stable than heels, but also visually lengthen legs. A solid platform can be both high and medium, depending on preference. From the point of view of appearance, fashion is considered to be the shoes close to the rock. It black leather boots or high shoes. Items such as laces or straps with buckles are welcome. In addition to black, a popular color is considered to print under Python.

Autumn shoes should be not only beautiful (women’s shoes from Hermes and other fashion houses), but also quite warm, comfortable and waterproof. Requirements a lot, but, of course, these qualities can be combined and pick the option that will be perfect based on their taste and fashion trends.

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