Women’s pantsuits 2017: photos, trends, styles

Pantsuit – a timeless classic. But how they change over fashion. Added all new items, are shortened or conversely lengthened jackets. Pants too, the pants are different. And what can we say about the colors and fabrics…Now designers are creative as you can. Well, we enjoy the result. So, women’s pantsuits 2017, what are they?


Only one word to describe the colors of fashion suits 2017 «bright».

One of the most fashionable colors – blue and all its shades, from Navy to cornflower and ultramarine.

Do not hesitate saturated orange and red, they are increasingly found in the collections of famous designers.

But white pants suit will make you fashionable. Especially in trend this season, shades of white (color of milk, ivory, pearls). Styles white suits so much as a lot of us designers. Everyone sees it differently, with their own twist.


The prints on the suits are used less than for example on the dresses. But the suit itself and is more restrictive clothing. Although the designers, when you turn on imagination, to dwell just can not. It does not matter the costume or skirt. From this and be interesting and unusual prints.

For example, Hawaiian exotic, we were introduced to Ermanno Scervino: the white suit we see bright red leaves, which look more like feathers.

Another motley pantsuit can look at the model below: the flowers, leaves and interesting free style.

Designers fantasized and painted Zebra. The more unusual the print, the more you stand out from the crowd.

Interesting prints out of a small symmetrical parts (points, squares). Pay attention to cropped pants, for women’s pant suits are very fashionable in 2017.

In the photo below, the designers of the costumes showed their remarkable imagination, from which came the prints and fantastic colors.


Jackets that emphasize the waist, slightly high waist and flared trousers – just like the lady with the 70s. But as it is elegant.

Unisex costumes, too, on the catwalks appeared frequently. The complete opposite of the previous suit.

Below we see the suit for the evening. Dark color, with the jacket at the waist with an interesting pleated-ruffle. But especially noticeable original decor that decorate the jacket.


Contrast. For fans of low-key colors perfect white suit with a contrasting black collar.

Jackets, more like cardigans and unusual collars will perfectly create an image of a stylish business woman.

For free-spirited women suit costumes in sporty style. Under them you can wear sports shoes and look fashionable and unusual.

Under a suit you can wear a turtleneck sweater: the warmth and the latest fashion trends.

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