Womens pant suits for wedding

Everyone knows the expression, «to Start life with a «clean slate». «Since ancient times, the white color was considered the color of purity, chastity and the embodiment of everything new. Anew the walls were bleached in new houses, bought white linen, crockery, tablecloths. Favorite was this color and brides all over the world. White dress, shoes, flowers, a solemn March Mendelssohn — isn’t it a childhood dream of every girl?

But if the basis for the wedding dress chosen white, why would the bride not to try and pantsuit in this color?

Womens pant suits for wedding

The choice is certainly brave. And the winner of the pant wedding attire need to be prepared for surprise, and sometimes and misunderstanding from others. But everyone’s attention she will surely be secured. What will a pant suit its owner? Quite a lot — the opportunity to continue to wear it for celebrations, comfort, a chance to save money and buy them something else, and finally wedding photos!

Wedding pant sets can have a variety of options. Depending on the time of year, passions of the bride and characteristics of the shape.

Diverse selection of the density and texture of fabrics, and shades of white there are many. Silk, satin, lace, taffeta, crepe, velveteen — the choice is yours!

Which style to choose and what to combine a pants suit to the wedding? The main thing — it must be different from the everyday. Light chiffon blouse or bustier that fits perfectly with the long suit pants, an open jacket looks great with a shiny top. The colour should suit your outfit needs and shoes.

Plan to detail the styles of jacket and trousers. Because white pants can emphasize full hips, which would cover the fluffy skirt. Best option models with wide-leg pants with easy flowing fabrics. They will help to create the illusion of long soft skirts and artfully disguise your flaws. And skinny girls are allowed any experiments with styles of pants, they are not afraid of distortion of body proportions.

To achieve a full finish and look completed, make sure to use jewelry and accessories. Totally inappropriate looks in combination with a Trouser suit, veil and hat with a veil to vividly emphasize your personality. Original stuff — gloves, purse, brooch will give your image of elegance and originality.

Womens pant suits for wedding

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