Women’s fashion coats – 2017

Various officers ‘ coats, trench coats, pea jackets and hussar Dolman are objects of the female wardrobe. And it’s not a mistake, all the clothes of different types of troops has long ago migrated to the wardrobe of the modern women.

A trench coat (trench coat, which means «trench coat») is a rain poncho, which is debartolo, fold-over cuff and collar, yoke, straps, back slit and belt. Mens trench coat is usually made of cotton or woolen fabric that has a waterproof impregnation, and in some cases leather.

The trench coat appeared in 1901 thanks to a host of gabardine factory named Thomas Burberry, who later began producing clothes for the British army.

It was the soldiers and called it trench coat. Many soldiers continued to wear these cloaks and after the war, and they became very popular. Trench his master was allowed to look business-like and very respectable. That is why special popularity he gained among the actors and business people. Trench and hat have become a necessary attribute in many detective films.

There are now women’s trench coat, which retains its main elements. And he also gained immense popularity among women of all ages. It was at this time trench coats were made in addition to beige and also bright colours. It was changed some details. For example, began to appear, coats blue, green, grey, blue and pink colors, as well as trench coats with zippers or without yoke.

Fashion designers each season offers us different models of trench coats. All of these models contain though not all, but the most basic elements of the classical model of the trench. This will provide the trench from any crowd. It’s practical and versatile, and it goes well with any style.

Brands such as Aalto, To Zang, Michael Kors, Tods and Guy Laroche represent the classical model of the trenches. However, if you look closely, you will notice original fashionable elements that meet the latest fashion trends.

Tall, slender girls fit the original model of the trenches, the focus of which is on an oversized profile and large details. It could be a belt or lapels, asymmetric or patch pockets. One of the main fashion trends of 2017 is to increase the volume of the shoulders, hips or waist. However, this style may be suitable only for young, tall and slender girls.

The trench coat offers us also the brand and Simone Rocha. Lightweight trench coat without sleeves can be worn as a dress or wear it over a thin sweater. It can be used to create a romantic and feminine look.

Double-breasted short trench coat to wear petite girls. It can lengthen your legs, especially if you wear it you will be together with Bonforte and tight trousers.

Experiment with color, do not stay only on models of khaki or beige. Will look great trench coat bright yellow, soft pink, black, mustard, Navy, and all shades of red.

If you have a curvy shape, you may be trench-line, which are made from light fabrics. They will gradually subside to fall down, emphasizing your figure. As for the models, then you are more suited to trench coats direct or trapezoidal silhouette without an accent at the waist.

In 2017, we will fashionable coats, made not only of classic fabrics, but also from a Matt or patent leather and prints, such as plaid. In addition, the fashion will remain, coats made of cashmere and cotton, and decorated them can serve as zippers, buttons, twisted cords and other treatment.

Double-breasted trench coat with shoulder straps, yoke, collar and mainly beige color is a classic trench coat that is like no other thing, is the embodiment of true British style. What would be the trench coat this season you choose, you’re sure to look very fashionable. However, the best manufacturers of fashionable trench coats are considered such British brands like Aquascutum and Burberry.

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