Women’s espadrilles: what to wear?

Of course, every woman knows that shoes with low move can be not only very comfortable, but also stylish. Sneakers and shoes, like espadrilles, present in the wardrobe of both men and women.

Espadrilles: what is it?

Espadrilles is a simple and lightweight sports footwear, like sneakers without laces and a thick rubber sole. They are very light and very comfortable. To wear them very easily, which is why they got their name, because in English «slip-on» is translated as «dress».

Came up with this shoes Paul van Doren, who is the founder of the company Vans back in 1977.

First sneaker invented sports shoes how to surf and have worn them exclusively by men. But fashion is changeable, and today you can often find casual shoes and the trendy women’s wardrobe.

Women's espadrilles: what to wear?

And this is not surprising because espadrilles – shoes are very comfortable and stylish, and for this reason it is so popular. Consist slip-on shoes with a thick rubber sole and lightweight leather or textile upper. This Shoe is even comfortable Slippers. And if you get yourself a sneaker, you will be able to see this.

Espadrilles: what to wear?

Today comfortable slip-on shoes is a trend, and will be in fashion for several more seasons. Slony produce many well-known firms. Traditional espadrilles have itanalyst canvas, but now designers are experimenting and already have the shoes out of the skin and other tissues. This season especially fashionable are the slip-ons in bright colors or with prints such as stripes, geometric patterns, exotic flowers and fruit, snake koiv and even cartoon fun prints. Also popular espadrilles and classic colors, especially black on a white sole. The espadrilles worn without socks.

Certainly, footwear slip-ons, remember that it is important that the color of this Shoe, because, for example, a monochromatic sneaker in classic colors are classic shoes. And it must be taken into consideration.

Women's espadrilles: what to wear?

For summer wardrobe, these espadrilles is an indispensable thing, so they really worth to buy. They will be combined perfectly with leggings and skinny jeans, as well as other clothes from my closet.

Espadrilles with pants

When we think about the fact that they wear espadrilles, the first thing that comes to mind is crop jeans (skinny or boyfriend), and even classic trousers in black, blue or white. Long pants can roll up, it will look very stylish.

Espadrilles with overalls

While on the subject of pants, it should be noted that the espadrilles will fit in the different suits. Jumpsuit can be semiclassical, and denim.

Espadrilles with skirts

Because of its concise form espadrilles shoes are versatile enough. They are difficult to fit into any particular style. They are most often used in a casual style, but sometimes they perfectly complement the classical style. However, the most suitable for them to be sporty chic. That is why they will equally look great with pants and skirts. Skirts can be also different: from free direct short to average, Dina. With espadrilles you can wear a pencil skirt, successfully combining it with a top, jumper or shirt. Should be here still to add such a fashionable trend this year, as the skirt-shorts.

Espadrilles with a dress

If the espadrilles can be combined with a skirt, you probably can wear them with the dress. However, as this footwear is on the verge of different styles and dress for her should be selected Misteriya. Best for this purpose, suitable shirtdress, loose or fitted, long or short, with long or short sleeve, classic or free style.

You can experiment and pick your casual shoes other clothes in your wardrobe. The main thing that you feel are convenient and comfortable, and your mood is increased.

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