Women’s capes and ponchos

A poncho is sometimes called Peruvian clothing, because it is the birthplace of Latin America. Traditionally it was worn by both women and men. Form a poncho is a simple rectangle, which is in the middle of the neckline for the head and missing sleeves. In the late 20th century, this garment has taken over the world. Women’s leading fashion designers dressed up in a poncho and today, but it bears little resemblance to the original version.

To sew poncho using a variety of fabrics of different quality and different variants of the cut. Through this approach, the modern poncho acts as various items of clothing – from warm outerwear to thin capes.

Poncho is a comfortable and practical outfit that can be linked — with knitting needles or crochet and will fit any pattern. Pants are comfortable, as with a collar or without.

For modern women poncho can be an acceptable and sufficiently meets the requirements of fashion clothing in which she feels quite comfortable.

Poncho dress is a luxurious evening dress, if you choose to sew it appropriate dressy fabric. Little ponchos is used in the form of a scarf in the cold.

Option poncho, without seams, has a neck, it can serve as a sweater and save from the cold. Poncho is not only an alternative to a coat, but this kind of clothes may be the coat. To sew this poncho is selected fur, both artificial and natural, and the material fit tight with the lining.

Women's capes and ponchos

Leather handbags will gain the advantage over the other in wet weather of autumn and looks very impressive. Knitwear, which include: poncho, vest and poncho-Palatine, will be very important in the wardrobe in cool summer weather. Leather handbags will need in the chilly autumn weather, and knitted clothing this type of regret, stole) worn well in the cool summer evenings.

Look stylish in a poncho curvy women tall. Girls with a refined shape decorate this dress, if they choose a mini-poncho-knit and will wear it with jeans or wear to the shoulders of a small fur poncho as an addition to the evening together. Poncho, endowed with a bright pattern, thus will decorate even the simplest outfit.

Stole (female cloak) has long been known as a wide scarf of different length piping. In this kind of clothing limitless possibilities for design. A Cape of fur will be pleased to wear, going to the theater, to a party or just for a walk in the cold night, and the summer Cape is the place on a hot day. Cape knit warm winter, if the room be cool, crocheted openwork shawl will always look original and will give the figure of grace,

Modern fashion designers offer a peculiar variant of poncho sweaters with sleeves, reminiscent of a poncho. The Cape coat is convenient for those who are forced to rush, as it does not require buttons or zippers. All variety of accessories, sizes and shapes to find exactly what suits your taste. Therefore, it is realistic to have at least a couple of models of capes or pants in your wardrobe.

Thus, there is room for creativity when choosing a poncho. Successfully selected model combined with individually chosen accessories will allow you to always look elegant and stylish that will create a comfortable emotional aura, and will give confidence.

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