Women business suits

The style of a business woman. Who is a business lady? At these words there is an image business, beautiful, perfectly dressed women. Not just women – Lady! So, a business woman and always have to look perfect, to be an example to their subordinates and colleagues. For them, the designers and create a beautiful collection of clothes in business style.

The famous Coco Chanel was the first designer business suit. She gave the fairer sex a little black dress, short, pants. She freed women from long and lush outfits that were not very comfortable.

It Coco Chanel made the main elements of business suits for women straight skirt below the knee and a jacket in a classic style. After that, the designers took as a basis for such a business suit, each added something of his own.

Now, a business suit is a necessary attribute in the woman’s wardrobe that wants to make a career. And it is natural: the image is what counts, especially in business. Choosing a business suit. When choosing a business suit will need to adhere to simple rules that will help you to achieve your goal.

It is very important to choose the right color

It should not irritate, relieve, provoke aggression or resistance. Also it is not necessary to choose bright colors, it would alienate interlocutors. Select soft shades of brown, green, red colors: chocolate, beige, olive green, brick, Burgundy, the color of red wine. Black suits are suitable for meetings in the evening or presentations. The best colors for a business suit – grey and blue.

Model business suits

Business attire should be formal and restrained. Despite this, variants of suits for business women a lot. Elegant blouses, skirts a variety of styles, dresses medium length, long jackets and short pants and classic vests – all this looks great in the interior of the office and feminine beauty.

Do not forget the accessories

If they correctly choose, they will enliven even the most boring business suit. For example, stylish suspenders for elegant white blouse with a large collar and cuffs, very decorate your image. You can use jewelry in white gold, pearls or silver. But forget about large earrings, elegant necklace, brooches – they have no place in the office. For women in leadership positions suitable diamonds.

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