With little growth to be stylish and elegant, easy

In this article we will focus on choosing the style for girls of low growth, which will help add inches of growth and remove unnecessary inches, if any.

Some are inclined to think that the small size is not a problem. It all depends on the style of clothing in which you dress: style sexy, classic or business style.

Women and girls with little growth, better suited to plain clothes. Great importance attaches to the heels. They are able to make the foot more slender and add a couple of inches, which, of course, very happy.

Clothing is best to choose cropped jackets with rukavami. Specific patterns and prints on fabrics will also be very relevant, but they should be small in size.

If you choose clothes with stripes, you better stay on vertical lines, because horizontal stripes will give your figure fullness.

With little growth to be stylish and elegant, easy

Choosing the hair on the head, it is better to do simple styling without the excess volumes and fleece. Remember that the more natural your hair looks, the better it is perceived by others.

Less attention try to give lots of ornaments, long or extended jackets. Would be better to abandon short pants and Capri pants, especially if wearing them without heels. Try to choose large accessories (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bags) and to be more careful and restrained.

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