Winter platform boots: which to choose

Winter platform boots: which to choose

Winter shoes should be not only warm but also comfortable, because walking on ice in high heels is fraught with falls and injuries. Of course, you can buy normal boots flat shoes and enjoy life, but every woman, regardless of the weather, wants to remain beautiful and attractive, so pay attention to the winter platform boots. This model makes the foot visually longer and more slender, in addition, it is very comfortable to wear and allows easy mobility even on the slippery road.

Platform boots go perfectly with dresses, jeans or skirts. And if you choose shoes with tight leg shaft, it can be worn under formal trousers. And if before such boots are produced in black color, without ornamentation and with a standard height platform, you can now choose the model absolutely any color, any material with different height wedges. The right choice depends on the physique of a woman, her growth, and garments which will be worn these boots.

How to choose platform boots

Winter boots inside should be finished with fur, this applies to the models on heels and platform and low-heeled. Better if the fur is natural, so your feet will breathe. But if it is impossible to buy expensive shoes with natural interior decoration, you can buy and faux fur, as long as it was evenly distributed over the entire surface of the boot including the insole, and does not remain on the feet after wearing.

Choosing the material from which made winter boots, remember that leather should be only natural, otherwise your shoes will quickly lose their appearance. Besides, skin should be cared for, lubricating it with special creams for Shine. Suede models look very impressive on the leg, but they require care. First, the shoes with suede you can wear in dry weather, and secondly, you have to buy a tool for cleaning suede and continuously wipe the surface of shoes. Fur winter platform boots can be worn even in the dead of winter, they warm the feet, but this model is not suitable for high humidity conditions, because the fur will not look presentable.

As for decor, women with low growth it is better to choose boots with a smooth texture without additional decoration. And so in no event it is impossible to wear shoes with wide buckles, multiple zippers and colored inserts. Such models will make the already small feet, even smaller. Similar recommendations and for owners of chubby legs, any decorative highlights will accentuate their fullness. Tall, thin women will fit all models of boots on the platform, except fur tall to the knee. In such shoes, the foot will look disproportionately General structure of the body.

Picking up the boots under the dress, you should pay attention to the shoes to the knee or slightly below. Moreover, in the case of low boots platform must not be more than 5-7 cm high model of a wedge can be a maximum of 10 cm, otherwise you will not be able to walk normally on snow-covered or slippery road. Also very fashionable now winter ankle boots ankle-deep, but they can be worn only in warm weather and for a short period of time, otherwise the leg will start to freeze, and you run the risk of getting sick. With a skirt you can combine in almost any model of winter boots on the platform. Here the main thing – to choose the right material and shape of shoes for a certain type of skirt. For example, under the skirt you can wear any model, which is not true of skinny tight skirt, which look just plain boots without unnecessary adornments. If you prefer classic pants, under them is perfect smooth model of suede or leather that will be invisible under trousers.

When choosing the way to fasten footwear, it is better to choose zipper or a lace up. Make sure that the zipper was metal with a strong dog. And in the case of lacing all the holes for the laces should be trimmed with metal piping prevents the violation of the integrity of the surface of the Shoe. Lightning can be the full height of the boot, or walking just before the half. But lacing only looks spectacular when done over the entire height of the boot.

Current models of winter boots on the platform

The most common models are the small boots to wedge heels knee with a standard zipper. They fit into any clothes and do not require additional accessories. Also very fashionable to choose boots the color of the jacket, coat, scarf or winter gloves. Moreover, in this case, the colors must match exactly.

Young girls prefer to wear shoes with decorative detail in the form of metal buckles, patterns of beads, appliqués and contrasting panels. A very popular model where the lower part of the boot is made in a classic style, and the top has a knitted design.

Seductress of men’s hearts can pay attention to leather thigh boots with a platform, which completely cover the knee. But this model is only suitable for certain activities in daily life such boots look vulgar.

No matter what winter boots wedge heel you like it, when first fitting make sure to explore the room store. Shoes should be snug and should not cause discomfort when walking.

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