Wide hips – what to do, what to wear

When wide hips were considered the standard of femininity. Nowadays, however, they often become a problem for their owners who are trying to hide this rounded part of the body.

Diet, exercise, shaping may not bring long-awaited effect: the size of the hips will shrink a couple of inches, but overall the image and the figure will remain the same. Following the advice of stylists, you can choose clothing that conceals a defect, which causes your dissatisfaction. Will focus on different items of clothing to understand that.

What to wear with wide hips

Choose pants.

Correctly selected pants will not only help to hide figure flaws, but also translate them into the category of virtues. Excellent can visually «pull» figure loose trousers with low waist, high waist pants will have the opposite effect. The presence of a large number of decorative elements also will not play in your favor. It is not necessary to focus on the hips and pockets and either the sides or rear. So, opted for wide pants with low waist with no pockets and other decorations.

Choose skirts.

There is no doubt that the pants are comfortable to wear in all situations, but do not forget about such an important piece of women’s wardrobe as a skirt: it can help to lengthen the silhouette that will make your image more feminine. Skirt knee length, tailored and figuratively, on the bias line is ideal for women with wide hips. Here again, forget about pockets, horizontal prints. Heavy, too bright fabric, and pleating visually will further extend the hips so they are best avoided altogether. Our choice: strict skirt knee length, made of simple, not very heavy fabric with an easy drape or light vertical crease.

Choose dress.

The dignity of all shapes can emphasize well chosen dress. It will hide all the flaws. Dress also is a purely feminine item of clothing, do not neglect them. Lace decorative jewelry that focus on the top of the dress that is perfect for women with full hips. It is better to choose a fitted dress with an easy drape, preferably flared towards the bottom, top with bright neckline.

All attention will then be brought to the top of the dress, full hips in it will not be as noticeable. In addition beneficial to hide full hips will help dress with contrasting draped over his jacket. To sum up: neckline, bright accessories and fancy prints draw the eye to the upper part of the figure, beneficial shade heavy bottom. Choose models decorated with shiny sequins, as they are also able to accentuate the curves of the figure.

Choose a coat.

Chic the owners of broad hips better to choose a coat to the knee, a-line silhouette, with no major decorations (pockets) at the bottom. Also, do Not choose a model with cross pattern. Choose: coat of medium length with an oversized collar, drawing attention to the upper part of the figure.

I would like to remind you that if nature has awarded you wide hips – do not do from this tragedy! Luxury any woman’s figure, most importantly, as the woman attitude. Huge selection of clothes items and tips listed above will help you make the clothes your ally.

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