Why we don’t like ourselves in photos?

Is there in nature, these women, who were completely satisfied with your photos or videos, where are they? Why do we always have thoughts that Tanya, Lena, Nina, or someone else out of nothing, but I have a big nose, slanting eyes. Interestingly, while the centerfold, and those who adorn the covers of fashion magazines, there are such problems?

Maybe in the psychology of women is such an eternal inadequacy or difficult to accept the idea that this how we are seen by others (and in fact I have a very different opinion)?

To understand this issue without the help of a professional is impossible, so we went for the advice of a photographer who works with models and Actresses. Here’s what he told us.

«Of course, you can flatter his vanity with the thought that you are not photogenic. Actually the concept is, but if you are not a professional model, which should in any case be universal and go on a photo in any angle, just throw this excuse out of my head.

In order to have the best result, you need to do. To be able to be photographed it is also not very easy job, and not only for someone who takes pictures. It is believed that the most successful photographs happen when you don’t know about what you are photographing. Maybe. But how many of you will have such images? Unfortunately, more static figures everywhere, squeezed, frightened, mouth open, photography, in other words, such pictures where you barely even recognize yourself.

Everyday photography is very often just convey your character, your personality. It can be transmitted through the mood that passes the eyes, facial expressions, posture, or through any surroundings, the trappings. Don’t take something banal, to stand in the correct posture.

Everything has to look natural, but you have to understand yourself, to be able to demonstrate their advantages and disadvantages. And here again we are reminded of the problem of the body. In front of the lens will immediately appear all the complexes and clamps. Just relax, show what you really are and not mention the flaws of their figures. Show your emotions, vaguely distant faces, abstract look are now very popular on the catwalk, but not in life.

Help the photographer you have an amazing opportunity to showcase their acting talents. Very sorry, but the culture of photography we have completely lost. The Spaniards, for example, at least once a year going to do a family picture in a photo Studio. We go to photographer when we dull photo 2×3 or 4×6. If you have the opportunity, just do yourself a gift, go to the photographer, especially because now there are a huge number. A true professional will be able to find the best angle, light, and your grandchildren will be just amazed at your photos will be just amazed at how you are beautiful, young. And the fact that you will be able to treat myself differently — we guarantee it. »

The following are some guidelines for those who want to get good at it in the photos.

1. take yourself with a critical eye. Stand in front of a mirror to see all of its advantages and disadvantages. You shouldn’t regret the time spent, find some of the best angles. Build a little grimace, pohuliganit. The canons, which to our time existed, for example, you cannot cross your legs or turn them inward now not very important. Most likely, x-shaped legs can create a certain level of elegance, and a bit of sadness on the face will accentuate the expressiveness of your face.

2. At the time of shooting, try to keep your posture straight, do not need to slouch, straighten your shoulders and pull your stomach. If you follow these rules, it will allow you to show these pictures to your friends.

3. Remember that the photos your weight is 10 kg, that’s why in the photo you look much larger than life

4. The most popular perspective is three quarters. It is not necessary to do a photo «head-on», it is best to turn a little body.

5. Simple, ordinary cameras do not make portrait shooting. Built-in wide-angle lenses, and when the camera is at a small distance from the face, it gives a very distorted image.

6. No need to remove the top down, of course, you don’t want to make a horror movie Short stumps of legs, custom body — all the result of this survey. Those who want to make the legs longer, removing from the bottom, should be the measure.

7. Special attention should be paid to composition, it has not turned so that the overhead about 3 meters, and the bottom one only the top sticking out. Often, these photos make those who want to combine the beauty of the seascapes along with other delights.

8. The best light is soft, diffused, which prevents harsh shadows. For example, the shadow coming from the nose can distort the features of your face. Sun must not Shine directly into the lens.

9. Remember that photos and cameras are sometimes problems when playing certain colors and combinations of color. May not always get the white face and the black dress or Vice versa. Pale blue can everything seem white. Red and orange «flow» outside of the loop. Yellow can give luster to the face, creating an unhealthy skin tone. And the white clothes will give you a couple of pounds.

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