Which swimsuit to pick up pregnant?

We once, long ago, came out of the water, so human, not even born, even a very beneficial water treatments. And to the expectant mother to swim in the pool health a very, very useful – so say all doctors. Whatever the term of pregnancy, swimming will not hurt, but will improve the condition of the baby in the womb and of the owner of this tummy. Water gently envelops and supports, relieving fatigue and stress. So it was quite comfortable, should try to choose a comfortable swimsuit.

First, for about the first month or two, sometimes a little more, you can wear your regular comfortable swimsuit, but later still have to get a special model. Such special designed swimwear for expectant mothers that is made for the belly «grow». They differ from conventional models that are either too loose in the chest or too tight in the bottom (depending on what to focus – on the chest or hips).

So, what you need to pay special attention to pregnant women when choosing a future swimsuit:

• Chest and abdomen should not be too crowded. To keep them, choose a model with a thin lining, the best of the mesh.

• Top underwire sometimes may excessively compress the chest – be sure to check it out. Tight bra shouldn’t be but saggy too. Optimal Golden mean elastic and moderately fitted cups and hem.

• A sure sign that the swimsuit is the wrong size, the discomfort of the straps, jutting out into the shoulders. In this case, you better to buy the model size is bigger. Otherwise, after the swim you can get not fun, but frustration and trouble.

• If the straps constantly fall off your shoulders, so they are too long – in any case do not take a swimsuit. You should feel as comfortable as possible, literally «like a fish in water.» If no such feeling, then immediately give up the purchase. Not only the length of the straps, but the width of the cutout panty fastener and pleasant to the touch material, play a very important role.

• Too tight elastics can greatly grate – carefully check them out before buying. But too weak, stretched elastic bands are bad – the swimsuit will fall down or SAG.

• Some models have straps, check if there’s a way to regulate them. It is very important obviousa straps uncomfortable and even worse look than obviousa gum. Too tight belts and say no – you don’t want to cause harm to not only themselves, but also to her future baby, right?

To choose a comfortable suit for swimming is best in a special shop for pregnant. Seller-consultant will help determine the choice. But you can handle it, especially if you are expecting a baby for the first time. In this case, you can even take the risk separate option – after all, you already know about to what size «will grow».

Don’t be afraid of bright and fun colors that will cheer up you and others. But it is better to choose pure bright colours, not variegated print, especially animal print – it’s too aggressive and not suitable for future moms. In that case, if you are very inconvenienced completeness, take a bathing costume in black – he certainly visually make you slimmer.

In swimwear for future moms have to be sewn supporting elements for the tummy and chest. You fit a bikini, but not all models, but only have a fairly wide rubber band and panties with high waist.

Tankini (option with t-shirts with panties) also will look great on puffy figure. T-shirts can be decorated with various decorations and can be in any form.

Panties and tank top can be different colors and can be decorated in a cute and stylish mini-dresses. Inseparable model is also very nice to look at your situation. Swimsuit is another option. Stylish and comfortable, a bit like retro swimsuits, it looks quite original. A strip horizontally, a small figure, and the lack of large details will give you glamour and charm.

If the legs you are not very long, select a model with a high cut on the hips, and with a long slit. Big Breasts, which often increases during pregnancy, balances style with support cups and not very large neck. Choose a model where the bottom light and top dark. Very wide hips perfectly hide a little lush skirt, and mask the dark color of the lower part.

Focus special attention on the finishing of the top part of the bathing suit, choose bright colored models with cheerful print or a bright, not very wide band. With small Breasts the neck must be rather deep, u-shaped. Bones in the bra will give additional volume. Ruffle trim, sequins, bows will draw attention to your chest and make it more prominent and voluminous.

When convenient and comfortable swimsuit model any and purchased, it remains only to find the pool where you will be doing. It is better to choose it closer to home, identifying a convenient time. Some prefer morning hours when few people, someone, on the contrary, loves to sleep and would prefer to go to the pool in the evening, and then before bed.

Which swimsuit to pick up pregnant?

The main thing – that the classes were fun, and not perceived as heavy duty. Large loads at once do not let yourself, start with very short swims. Also note that in your position very useful aerobics for pregnant women special lessons. You will be able to get acquainted with future friends, also like you, waiting for kids. Because together will be on lessons to walk better, and in the future and walking with strollers.

Go to the pool, swim, enjoy the water element, energize you and your future son or daughter all this will only benefit!

Below in the photo gallery you will find beautiful maternity swimwear:

Which swimsuit to pick up pregnant?

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