What to wear?

How to combine stuff in style, color, style and fit at the same fashion trends? such questions arise every modern woman who cares about their appearance. So, lets focus on the basic things that are in the wardrobe of any lady.

What combination of coat?

Very fashionable model is slightly fitted coat that goes well with skirts. Keep in mind that lush skirt is more suitable for short coats, but straight and long models should appear from under his coat on the Coat 10 see strict silhouette or blanket coat perfectly combined with straight and wide-leg pants or skinny jeans.

Well, and how to dress in warm season? Consider the fashion trends for spring-summer season. Very relevant in the current season of knit and tight knit dress, which perfectly will fit boots up to the knees. Don’t combine short knit dress with the shoes with long and thin heels or with sandals.

This season is popular again dresses made of light chiffon with a bright floral pattern and made of fine Jersey. Here with them-what we should wear dark colors on the high heel and top, you can not throw very long jacket or a soft cardigan.

What to choose in the kit to the blouse this season? Blouse still at the top of popularity this season. You will look ultra-modern in blouse with sleeves-a flashlight or a white blouse, classic look. This garment can be worn season in a skirt, jeans or plain trousers. With a blouse are always perfectly combined: a classic tailored suit, thin cardigan and a jacket.

What is correct to wear skirts?

Never goes out of fashion, the pencil skirt looks good with a jacket on strict form, or with a tight-fitting sweater and blouse. Don’t be afraid to wear such a model skirts with a turtleneck or with a sweater.

Versatile a-line skirt goes well with different types of clothing: a cardigan, a jacket and light blouses.

A mini-skirt. This attracts a part of the wardrobe can be supplemented with knit tops and thin jeans in the style of «Vintage». You can wear a mini and a figure-hugging turtlenecks.

This season is very relevant belts. With what to combine them properly?

The variety is amazing: soft suede straps of different thicknesses, a belt of coarse and thick skin, lacquered with an incredibly beautiful buckles. Such options are ideal for dresses, skirts, monochrome jumpers and even coats.

What to wear in the new season shoes?

Here the answer is simple — with everything! You will look incredibly feminine in shoes without a heel combined with leggings or a mini skirt.

But with long skirt and wide, straight pants is better not to wear shoes with flat soles. All your favorite stilettos will perfectly match the dress with dark stockings and tight, tight pants.

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