What to wear with women’s converse images

More and more young girls prefer sports clothes and shoes. In our time is not so important to wear under skirts heels. It is permissible and under some very stylish models of dresses and skirts to wear sneakers.

What is the converse?

The converse is, in principle, also sneakers. They have author’s design and a rubberized high or low heel. Thanks to them can be a little dilute too strict and elegant look. The top can be leather and fabric. Colors women’s converse can be from classic colors of night and the color of snow to a visible and prominent. Is this Shoe as a winter with insulation and lightweight model without it.


The color variety of women’s converse is very large. Black and white color is a great addition to any stylish image. If you prefer more vivid colours, choose a trendy colour of orange, lemon or lilac.

There is also a gentle color scheme that is presented in pastel blue, turquoise, mint and other shades. There are also converse with drawings (flowers, graphic prints), and even with spikes for a bold.

What to wear?

Below drawings we can help you create the right style. In General, the chucks are suitable for everyday wear just fine. In addition, they are very comfortable and with them the legs more relaxed.

The most popular version of socks – converse+jeans. Here variants the sea. How many skinny jeans, so many options to combine them with women’s converse. To your way was a little sloppy, a little can dissolve lacing. To create easy non-Intrusive way you can wear a shirt with a boxy fit the cage. The only mention, if you’re short don’t wear cropped jeans in conjunction with sneakers, as this will save» you even more.

Under a short skirt or shorts, the converse would also work just fine. And by the way first you can take any fabric and any casual: both free and at the waist. In any case, this combination will always win.

Sneakers + dress. Pretty new combination, but has already won a leading position in the seat style fashionistas. Also often at parties the girls wear under a dress sneakers. But the dress still try to choose no frills. The simpler the better. Let it better be the same color, then certainly not regret it. And, of course, do not wear sneakers under the fine lace.

Now often on the streets you can see the conversion under a wide knitted sweaters and coats. A wonderful choice for the colder period will be the sneakers that is on a high sole and warm inside.

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