What to wear with winter boots

Ankle boots — not so long ago actively in Vogue belong to the category of stylish, contemporary shoes. Almost all models on high heels and with a short shaft. Therefore, if it’s winter, then it is possible that will fall inside the snow.

This can be avoided by having basic skills of proper selection of clothing to shoes like.

What to wear with winter boots

What to wear with winter boots

Ankle boots look perfectly with almost all types of clothing. Look great with a business Trouser suit. To create an incredibly sophisticated business image should give preference to the pencil skirt and thick tights.

Winter boots should be worn with narrow pants tucked inside trousers. Cropped denim jacket will accentuate the elegance of the silhouette, and the original scarf, hat and gloves will enliven this image. It is not necessary to give preference to the scarf and hat only sports type, you can choose something delicate and glamorous. This will give the image of playfulness and zest.

Perfectly boots and a variety of dresses, the main thing — not to be mistaken with a choice of matching tights. They have to be dense enough, and as outerwear suit coat or coat made of tanned leather length slim below the knees.

In winter lacks bright colorful sensations! Their absence can make up the original image. Black winter ankle boots look great with clothing of contrasting colors. You can wear black leggings, a bright tunic, a wide black belt on the slender waist. Perfect dark jewelry. And complete this look with a fur jacket with leopard print. You tremendously!

Many people like the option of ankle boots trimmed with fur and fur collar. Really — it’s beautiful. And you can substitute the jacket with a fur collar to wear fur vest the trend of recent seasons. A few accessories, such as hats, gloves and scarf and you are ready to go for a walk.

Fur ankle boots are truly versatile footwear, in addition to the above, you can safely wear them with long skirts and various dresses (according to season), fur jackets, stylish winter jackets and cardigans.

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