What to wear with wide boots

This season is notable for the fact that the fashionable steel wide boots. Heel they have small and stable, and can be, no heel. These boots are very comfortable, they can be a long walk without tiring. If you have too full or too thin legs, you can hide them in a wide shaft.

A big plus of wide boots is that they suit almost any attire. In addition, you can wear in any season because there are like demi-season and winter options. Both open and closed models wide boots widely available on the market. Now in the even fashion boots summer they are made of lightweight materials, as well as delicate.

Wear these boots with narrow pants or jeans, which can easily fill inside the wide shaft. Fabric for pants can be any suitable for such boots and wool tweed classic Trouser fabric. In addition to narrow pants, you can try to try on a style breeches.

Now a lot of fashion houses are recommended to wear wide boots with light, voluminous dresses. You can also wear a dress of knitted fabric, for example in the form of a pipe. So popular some time ago, the sweater dress is back in trend. It is also suitable for wide boots. Fans of the classics can be offered to wear the boots with leggings and a wide sweater.

As for skirts, boots with wide tops will fit a variety of styles. Beautiful pencil skirt that flatters the figure. Short flared woolen knitted or skirt will also look great. You will look cute and feminine. Adding lace stockings, you will make an image of the original.

To handle these tops of the boots often use fur or knit. Such models will perfectly fit knit shorts soft knit tunics or short skirts. You will feel cozy and warm and will look great.

When selecting boots, it is necessary to consider features of a figure. Girls with skinny legs best suited wide boots with a top that is gathered. The heel in this case should not be very thick. Those who have tight feet, fit not too tall model with a small steady heel.

Trendy colors of boots with a wide top in this season are gray, beige, black and brown in a variety of shades. Sometimes two colors are combined – it turns out well. Also in fashion snakeskin print.

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