What to wear with white jacket

White jacket is not just stylish and elegant element in women’s wardrobe, it can be safely called a classic of modern fashion. Regardless of the complexity of the style he is able to make your look a touch of sophistication, nobility and in some ways even of the aristocracy.

Another undoubted advantage of the white of the jacket is its versatility. It with surprising ease combined with lots of other things and will be appropriate in almost any environment – in the office or on the go, at a party or on a date, it remains only to choose the right style of jacket, suitable to the occasion supplements.

Choosing the style of the jacket, you should pay attention to the following points:

Long white blazer is perfect for formal and business situation and best combined with things in the classic style – straight or slightly tapered pants, pencil skirt or dress-case, though, the set with jeans or shorts it can look quite effortless.

This jacket will be the best choice for full girls — it is visually make a figure slimmer and will hide all its imperfections.

Cropped white blazer and less binding, so looks good with casual clothes, also made of expensive luxurious fabrics he can be part of the evening dress.

It can be combined with dresses, skirts, pants and shorts of different lengths and styles, but especially interesting is the cropped jacket looks combined with flared trousers and a fluffy skirt and cropped trousers.

Cropped white blazer will help to correct the proportions of the figure girls of low growth, and models with Basques, ruffles, flounces and other bulky items will make it more seductive form the most slender and petite women.

The look of the white jacket seems to be all clear, so now it’s time to move on to the main question – what to wear with a white blazerto create a look especially stylish and modern.

As practice shows, this seemingly simple question raises many doubts and fears, even in fairly experienced fashionistas, it is essentially a white jacket – thing is very elegant, so very often it seems that additions thereto, shall be maintained exclusively in the same spirit. But this is only at first glance. In fact, the white jacket is so versatile that using it, you can make many different character and mood of the images.

Always elegant and looks harmonious combination of a white blazer with trousers, and pants in this set permissible range is bright or calm colors, classic straight, skinny or flared.

For example, black pants and shoes will bring to this Duo a touch of strict formality and make it quite appropriate for office life.

The blouse or top in this case is better to choose low-key colors – white, black, or this dark green.

But it is necessary to replace simply a blouse top with sparkling gold sequins and pumps – the same Golden sandals set will sparkle with new colors and become smart.

Bright pants make white jacket more cheerful and youth. In this case, it would be good to maintain the bright hue of the pants in the matching colour shoes or accessories.

A very special option is the combination of white blazer and pants with today’s fashionable eye-catching print. This combination will give the whole image of lightness and talk about your extraordinary character.

Jeans will give the white jacket a touch of ease.

Although it should be noted that this combination can carry a different mood. Say it – exquisitely elegant, if you combine jeans with a simple dark top, handbag a classic shape and modest decorations. This outfit will be appropriate even in a work environment.

Combining a white jacket with ripped jeans and a loose Jersey top, we have a very different option – catchy and a bit cheeky. The shoes in this case it is better to choose a heel – contrast of femininity and brutality always looks particularly interesting.

You want more freedom white jacket and jeans and then would be welcome. In this case, just add the shirt and shoes to go low – loafers, oxfords or sleepers.

Owner of slender legs is unlikely to abandon brave enough, but this stylish and eye-catching combination of the white blazer with shorts.

It will look relaxed and casual, if to take for a basis denim shorts, t-shirt and comfortable shoes.

Or a very elegant and glamorous, if shorts to choose classic cut and instead of top to wear a soft, feminine blouse.

Especially sexy will make the option of court shoes high heels and the jacket dressed on a naked body.

In contrast – a bit unexpected, but a bold and attractive image of rock – white jacket, black t-shirt with a vibrant print, denim shorts and sandals-Gladiator, lavishly decorated with metal decoration.

What if the soul needs more tenderness and romance?

Then it’s time to pay attention to this and always such an exquisite combination of white blazer with a skirt or dress. The style and length of dresses or skirts in this case can be very diverse, it is important to match the figure and situation.

For example, the classic sheath dress or pencil skirt calm colors are suitable to create an office suit.

Dress or skirt in a bold print is a great choice for Hiking. Young and slim and will certainly appreciate today’s fashionable naughty mini skirt pleated.

The way for a romantic encounter or Dating a white jacket and airy dress in pastel colors.

And, of course, will not forget about the most luxurious option – a combination of white jacket with elegant evening dresses. Especially sophisticated it would look if a jacket is sewn from an expensive festive fabrics – lace, satin, taffeta etc.

And now I would like to talk about some of the nuances associated with the combination of the white jacket.

Always elegant and generous looks like a combination of fully designed in white color. But if you think it’s bland and boring, you can paint it with bright shoes and accessories this is very important.

The same can be said about the combination of the white jacket with the things in black or grey tones. Such a serene combination again would be a great backdrop for the bright add-ons.

Gently and harmoniously looks with a white jacket clothing in pastel shades – beige, pink, light yellow, sky blue or mint. And in one way it is possible to combine several shades, the main thing to remember is that there should be no more than 3.

Fashion trend combination of white jacket with clothes coral color. It looks bright enough and at the same time not as dramatically as the contrast of white and red colors.

What to wear with white jacket

White jacket looks good with jeans, not only it can beautify and total denim look, adding ease and even a certain elegance.

White blazer and jeans or Jean shorts will become an excellent basis for the way in nautical style. It only remains to add a striped top and matching accessories. Shoes, you can pick any – flats, heels or wedges – it will depend on your mood and situation.

By the way, jeans do not necessarily have to be black or blue — now in the «sea» the proposed use and the bright green color.

Another extremely trendy option is the white coat combined with clothes from leather skirts, trousers, dresses or shorts. In this case, the white color softens the natural aggressiveness of the skin and makes the whole look more calm and balanced.

Of course, there are not all the possible combinations of white jacket. Even more ideas can be found in our photo gallery that is offered to your attention below.

What to wear with white jacket

What to wear with white jacket

What to wear with white jacket

What to wear with white jacket

What to wear with white jacket

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What to wear with white jacket?

In General, the jacket is not considered the most elegant thing. But despite this, your outfit will help you Express just the white jacket. And to choose, what to wear with white jacket, is not a big problem. You just need to use the usual rules for combining textures and colors. (далее…)

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