What to wear with turquoise skirt

Skirt is a women’s wardrobe that will always be very popular and will never go out of fashion. This season’s popular skirts of various styles and models, and the turquoise color is the most popular. So every fashionista should know: how to wear turquoise skirt.

White skirt length up to the toe

Length skirt is the best option to make your figure slim and toned, slightly above, which leads to the fact that the waist also becomes smaller.

For turquoise is best combined with white and black color. But don’t be afraid to experiment. Use for contrast bright, saturated colors. You don’t have to use only the dark and dull shades. Looks great turquoise, lilac and pink. Long skirt turquoise color created from light, floating fabric will attract attention not only from men but also from women.

To purchase the skirt form-fitting tops with short sleeves. But remember that the length of your top should not be lower than the waist line. It is not necessary to use layering in your clothing.

Wide belt is the best option that can emphasize your narrow waist.

Bracelet, handbag, jewellery can be any shade. The best option would be that when they are combined with the color of your shoes. For this skirt it is best to buy high-heeled shoes. Use accessories the best Eastern style: wide bracelets in the form of rings, earrings. Ethnic jewelry will make your look more original.

Try not to use long cardigans and blazers, not to make things worse a private figure.

Mini skirt turquoise

White mini skirt is bought by those women who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. For a stylish evening look it is not necessary to wear a blouse with big neckline and cropped tops too.

What to wear with turquoise skirt

Blouse in white, made from silk, will give your image a certain romance. A great choice is a turtleneck sweater with belt, loose shirt where the print is missing.

Very juicy and boldly combining skirts-mini turquoise together with yellow, green and red accessories.

Shoes should give preference to sandals and shoes on a large platform.

Those who do not like to look extravagant can be part of a mini-skirt, and various accessories.

Looks great bag small, made in accordance with the latest fashion trends takes. The top is better to use a beige or pastel shade.

A neckerchief and a variety of scarves complement your image. It is here that you can afford a small print. And very beautiful it will look like «leopard» coloring. Not worth something to limit. Then your turquoise skirt perfectly accentuate your look and style.

Further photos can be seen what to wear with turquoise skirt. Good luck to you.

What to wear with turquoise skirt

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