What to wear with the pants?

What clothes should wear trousers, and what trends offers us a fashion of the season? What clothes would look so much better than jeans, but at the same time feminine and sophisticated, like a skirt or a dress. The most fashionable this season are pants with wide leg openings. Such a cut will emphasize all the charm of the silhouette, and at the same time, it will not hamper the movement.

The most famous trendsetters re-create styles and combinations of clothes that include this garment. The first fashion pants became even pants «breeches» which came into Vogue a hundred years ago. After this breakthrough in the wardrobe of women began to appear regularly in various styles of pants that accentuate a woman’s beautiful figure.

What are the pants?

How to wear wide-leg trousers in a classic cut? The establishment of such pants designers prefer to choose shades of gray and arrows from the hip. The fabric must be thin but at the same time, natural and high quality.

This season fashion designers offer this style of pants to pick up a classic blouse which has a rigid collar, wide sleeves, and the color must be bright. It should be tucked in, and on top of trousers to put on a nice belt, preferably wide. The latest designs of designers is the wide trousers of white or light gray.

What to wear with the pants? These pants should be worn with top. It can have short sleeves or do not have them. But it is desirable that the top was decorated with a lot of ruffles, arranged vertically.

Trousers, breeches are also popular this season. Which models are the most popular and what they should wear? The most popular riding breeches, which are of military style. Such not the usual pants for the fashion highlight in trendy way, and encourage them to pick up an original addition to create a creative style.

Very beautiful is the combination of trousers, breeches and close-fitting cardigan, which is made in the style of Safari. Also will look great like this style of pants with a fur vest. The back of this tank should be made of denim or fairly tight knit. Now we will look at what kind of shoes should you wear with pants breeches.

You can put shoes on a wide heel, but still more appropriate would be to wear shoes with a low heel. The original is a kind of breeches, pants made of a light color and velvety boots with a square high heel green color. If the girl is tall and slender, the suitable option would be a fitted top with these pants. Any combination should be complemented by beautiful jewelry.

Pants style banana. With what they should wear? Pants bananas classic cut, which is made of dark gray or black fabric, the most advantageous will look great with a blouse of beige color, or light jacket. You will also be able to wear such bright pants plain shirt that should be charged.

You can still pants bananas to wear with any clothes, which is tucked into pants. This variety of shirts, pants, blouses or sweaters. These garments gave a cheerful mood, should be selected not necessarily to match the pants. Will look great with bananas and a blouse, finished with a floral print.

How to choose trousers of white color, and what clothing they should wear? White pants are the basis of fashion this season coastal style. Therefore, it is appropriate to wear white pants and a sleeveless top in blue and white stripes.

The best option is a combination of white trousers various clothing, which is made of red or blue and white colors. To complete the look with a thin scarf of blue color or a beautiful bracelet. So the image turned out finished, you should pick up a handbag white or white with them color.

Gray pants, with what they should wear? If your trousers are light grey and have a tapered profile, the best option would be shoes with high heels and a wide black belt. On top you can wear a jacket or a blouse. But grey trousers combine it with a plain top. Trousers dark grey color can be combined with red heels, or black high heels. Upstairs you can wear a green blouse, trimmed with gold buttons.

Pants beige color to wear with a dark silk blouse or tunic with neckline. Shoes suitable shoes or boots with high heel in blue.

What to wear with the pants?

Cropped trousers, wear them with anything? At the present time, more and more women prefer short pants. For a long time already nobody remembers that this style of pants can be worn only by women with long legs. But still should be the model of trousers to fit your figure.

At low growth should not choose the model of trousers, trimmed cuffs, baggy, and gray. It is advisable to choose dark Capri pants. This style of pants should be combined with shoes vibrant colors and high heels. Baggy cropped pants can be perfectly combined with a fitted top. Also will look good with a jacket, but definitely not a classic cut.

Skinny pantsthat have high waist is better suited to very slender women or teenagers. The most fashionable colors are black, Burgundy, beige, light grey and light brown. These pants will look stylish with a crop top and Bolero. Feet should choose high boots in lilac color. If these pants made of leather, then under them it is necessary to choose top, beige coat and trench coat. Shoes should choose shoes brown wedges.

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