What to wear with short jacket?

What is a woman’s jacket?

This kind of outerwear, with another jacket, usually has a semilying silhouette. Jackets come in length up to the hips, or reach only mid-thigh. Also popular models to the waist and jackets-a Bolero. The jacket is safe to call all of seasonal clothing, as it is relevant in any time of the year. Depending on the model and the fabric used, this garment can be worn in both summer and winter.

When the jacket came into Vogue?

First the jacket mentioned in the middle ages, as an element of men’s clothing. The beautiful floor-jacket, moved in the twentieth century, where it is quite different from the first male models. Until the thirties of the twentieth century in Vogue are elegant, cropped silhouette. They use cuffs and waistband with the opposite color of fabric. In the forties jackets are worn over light dresses of calico, chiffon, Batiste.

As a rule, the jacket made of a more durable fabric, such as gabardine. In our days there are a huge number of models of colors and different fabric structure have different silhouettes.

Very popular jackets, made of Jersey, so-called cardigans. In winter, a very topical jackets made from artificial and natural fur. Due to the large variety of models you can pick up the jacket at any time of the year. They are perfect for young girls and for older women. You can choose the model and for the full and for petite ladies.

What goes best with this jacket?

All depends on the cut of the product. It is also very important to remember about color harmony. If your jacket is made of fabric with a pattern or decoration has, he should choose clothes made from plain fabric, matching with jacket. Pants are well worn with leggings, dresses, trousers and skirts of various styles, shorts. With shorts and leggings look best jackets for every day in military style. If the weather is warm, the jacket is sure to hook something else.

Every woman in the modern world has at least one pair of jeans. Jeans and jacket is a perfect combination. This ensemble looks great on a slim figure. For more ladies will fit the extended model of the jacket. If the jacket is flared, then it is a combination of skinny jeans and pants. A cropped jacket looks sporty and classic straight trousers. To the bottomed pants, wide pants and flared pants suit jackets up to the waist and jackets-a Bolero.

Skirts also go well with a cropped jacket

Easy combination of both narrow and wide model. For a more business style you can take a narrow skirt to the knee or above the short jacket over the shirt or blouse. A pencil skirt is easy to combine with jackets flared shape or balero. For a more romantic image to the cropped jacket you can pick up a full skirt. Use as an accessory gloves to give femininity and elegance.

Nowadays, the jacket is an integral part of any woman’s wardrobe. It is very convenient since it is easy to create ensembles. It can be worn in everyday life. If you haven’t picked up the model for yourself, feel free to go shopping. Huge selection of models will give you an opportunity to choose the option for personal taste and mood.

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