What to wear with short boots?

High boots, long ago came into fashion, always have been and remain relevant. They always look great and adorn women’s feet. While excellent protection from the chilly damp autumn and cold in winter. Although it is recognized that prolonged wearing of boots with high tops tired. I want to put on anything below it is easier. A great alternative would be boots with short tops.

There are many great options when short boots are very appropriate and look great. Because in order to stay warm enough to wear thick tights. But your stunning legs you will be able to demonstrate without difficulty.

Short boots various styles

The sporty style.

Sporty and daily wear perfect boots of leather or suede. Perfect for long runs shopping, Hiking at the weekend. Look great paired with skinny jeans, Trouser-legs which are tucked into boots and warm sweaters. As outerwear is very appropriate down jacket.

Short boots with heels

If you set a goal to kill everyone on the spot, then this option is for you. Ideal for small outputs, dinners, glamorous parties. Look great with fancy dresses (except formal or too light), skirts and costumes. If you require a more discreet look, fit classic pant and elegant blouse.

The classic version

Quality leather, mid-height chunky heel, a rounded, neat waist band is a classic version of boots short. Comfortable for everyday wear, match the office dress code. Very versatile. Suited to almost any outfit.

As if not tired feet from high boots, still, in the event of severe winters it is not necessary to abandon them in advance. Only if you are often travelling by car, you can go to lighter boots with short tops. And, provided that the winter is warm enough, it is possible to change one pair to another depending on the mood. Excellent short shoes look with the long coat. Generally shoes and boots with a short shaft — it’s still shoes for the autumn — spring period.

Below in the photo gallery you will see what wear short boots :

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