What to wear with shoes-brogues

The history of the emergence of certain elements of the female wardrobe from the male wardrobe is known to all. Primarily from the male wardrobe moved into women’s closet trousers with jeans, it would seem purely masculine subject — braces, many other products and accessories.

Brogues in women’s wardrobe

The appearance in the womens world of fashion of menswear individual models of shoes was predictable and not in doubt. Thus was decided the fate of the appearance of male models of shoes under the same name brogues in women’s wardrobe. Return them to their collections by designers from around the world, today, once again forced to talk about no ordinary shoes. Why again was attracted to this model Shoe women? What good it is, how and with what to wear?

Before to answer questions and give tips what to wear brogues, will focus on the definition of the model that it represents. «Pierced with an awl» sounds so unusual translation brogues, which means the presence in this model of Shoe perforation.

Its appearance in the 17th century Scottish brogue required. Practical and comfortable shoes relished first, the farmers, and only after some time it made a part of your wardrobe and other professionals. But in the early stage of the brogues completely belonged only to men. Women became owners of the shoes with perforations much later.

How to combine brogues?

Shoes brogues, with perforation, thereby to determine its purpose. To wear during the spring-fall they are not interchangeable, and cool summer evenings the woman they will feel comfortable.

Men never wondered how to combine brogues? In women this question has aroused interest and many doubts. It seemed that shoes brogues devoid of grace. Female legs can not stand a bit of rough framing shoes brogues.

Designers proved the opposite and completely dispelled this idea. His creative works have proved and shown how to properly wear a pair of brogues. Choosing the right style shoes brogues quite harmoniously fit into the image of the modern woman. Can add its own unique charm.

Shoes brogues presented in a large assortment of many Shoe manufacturers. Washed leather and suede used in the manufacture of classic models of shoes brogues. Traditionally, this model shoes — brogue shoes has a flat sole, zigzag stitching, be sure the lace-up vamp with perforation.

Colors of this model are quite conservative and mainly consists of black, brown and gray. Fashionistas and fans of the experiments can safely buy shoes brogues black-and-white, green, red, brick tones. Thus, they can Express their individuality and dress shoes brogues be the highlight of their wardrobe.

Not only the color but also the degree of perforation of shoes brogues defines and distinguishes between models.

Shoes called brogues complete if they perforated the whole surface of the bowl.

In sale can meet this model, called polovragi, which is not fully perforated and has the shape of a Crescent. Brogues, reminiscent of the model of men’s shoes, called chetvertyi with the location of the perforation along the seams.

Designers declare that given the fact that the brogue shoes have perforations, they can be easily worn with clothes in casual style. Shoes are very comfortable and do not require the rigor and formality of clothing. But allowed to wear them with strong clothes.

The combination of brogue shoes with pants and pant sets are ideal, and will look for any fashionista. You can assume completely different models of trousers. From jeans to tweed trousers. But the ideal of such shoes will be perfect to look only in combination with short pants.

Shorts will look good in combination with shoes brogame. Ladies who love romance, can match dresses and flowing skirts and shoes brogues.

Jackets and shirts should not have a complicated cut, complete with shoes brogame it will look hard and difficult.

We can safely assume shoes brogues universal model, it combines with many things and with pleasure, adopted in the women’s closet.

Want to be unique, without hesitation buy and enjoy comfortable shoes brogues. Making different and versatile kits, combined with brogue shoes, you will acquire its own unique charm.

Below in the photo gallery you will see what are shoes-brogues :

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