What to wear with rubber boots

The most anticipated time of the year is spring. Finally, girls will be able to remove plain outerwear, heavy coats and wear light dresses and short skirts. Everything would be fine, if not the first spring rains, puddles and mud. And all in such changeable weather we want to not only look good but also feel comfortable. Not the last role here is played by the shoes.

All of us since childhood I remember how my mother wore us rubber boots so the legs don’t get wet. It would not seem strange, but currently, rubber boots are as relevant as ever. However, they have experienced a certain evolution and became perfect protection from spring and autumn damp, and an integral part of the stylish wardrobe of the modern fashionista.

How to choose stylish rubber boots?

Today the brand produces different rubber boots. Which are suitable for you, it is associated with the style that you choose in clothing. A large variety of rubber boots offer online shopping, for example. If your wardrobe consists mainly of plain things, you’ll like the boots quite a fun print, like a rainbow, birds, animals, ornaments and the like.

If, on the contrary, you prefer clothing with patterns and a variety of patterns, choose a solid-colored rubber boots. It is considered a valid color. Very stylish would be if the boots you pick the accessories to match, in particular, a belt, a scarf, an umbrella, and stole.

What to wear with rubber boots?

Most girls do not buy rubber boots, as they fear to look clumsy in them and not sure how and what they can wear. But they are combined with almost anything in your wardrobe.

Look great together with shorts and boots. Shorts can be both slightly extended and short. The fabric should be thick enough, even better denim. Will fit slim tights. And boots good to wear leg warmers or knee socks that will be slightly «look out». For this method the top of the closet can serve as a large knitted sweater, better extended, and regular t-shirt.

Jeans are always a safe bet, and any color. Perfectly with rubber boots and simple pants made of thick fabric. In this case can be any color. However, you should be careful with the print. It should not compete with the print on the boots when the choice is not a solid model.

Also very stylish look lightweight skirts and dresses with any model of boots. However, pay attention to length. It is ridiculous to look Maxi. Also not suitable pencil skirt.

Of outerwear looks great jackets, elongated sweater knit, parks, cardigans.

If you decided to wear rubber boots to a couple choose clothes in the style of «casual». In this case, you will be quite difficult to miss, and you will always look stylish and very fashionable!

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