What to wear with red

Red is the color of love and luxury. People of both sexes are attracted to red, but over time, when it comes to choosing clothes, that hardly anyone dares to dress in an outfit this bright color. Fashion tells you how best to wear clothes of red color to look unique.

Not every woman will dare to wear the dress of a colour of passion and love. First, the red color attracts attention, so you need to be sure that you look perfect.

Secondly (this is why too many people avoid to wear red) — the color highlights on the skin (irritation, pimples, uneven tan, etc.). And finally, in the third place, the wrong shade of red will definitely give you an unhealthy look.

So first read our simple tips,like what to wear with red, and then you can wear a chic red dress.

Of how to choose the right tone of red for women with different skin tones. Here are our tips:

  • Women with blond hair and green, blue or gray eyes we suggest to choose pale shades of red (pastel colors). Better avoid all saturated hues of bright red.
  • Dark-skinned brunette and brunette with dark eyes suggest to choose red and purple shades.
  • Redhead with any color eyes and Golden skin tone should choose red-orange clothes, and to abstain from rich, bright red flowers.

How to wear red :

  • The best combination red/white, red/black, but this deep-rooted combination of no surprise. Therefore it is necessary to combine in a single outfit in three colors.
  • To create an expressive image, play around with different shades of red. Combine tomato with fuchsia, light red with dark maroon, light pink, coral, etc.
  • Try bold compounds such as red with blue, red with yellow, turn on and green tones.
  • Red patterns also look great. Try to wear blouse in red polka dots or long skirt in red flower — crazy and unusual!
  • If you are hesitant to wear a red dress, select stylish red accessory-a bright scarf, luxury shoes, gloves, or a bright red lipstick!

Where you can wear red? Bold red color is allowed to wear in any occasion: for a date (except the first!), take a stroll with friends or for a party, but be careful when going to work — don’t overdo it! Pencil skirt red with a white blouse is a perfect alternative to uninteresting business suit.

Red is the color of mystery, he makes you feel free, confident and sexy. Feel free to experiment with this vivid and fashionable color.

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