What to wear with red jacket

Range of down jackets is so diverse that it can satisfy any fashionistas. They can look fashionable and bright, and their practicality and comfort is always on top. To look especially stylish, you should know what to wear with red jacket. Pay special attention to the correct selection of shade and style of red jacket. Its color can vary from bright red to maroon, and the length to be as short and stressed large. The extended model is accepted to decorate a fur collar and a short to provide a slouchy hood.

What are the red down jacket

The jacket goes well with any jeans, including the classic blue. To his suit and fancy boots-boots, and thick dark tights as well as tights. Black or white gloves and a cute handbag will be a worthy addition.

Red down jacket with slim a line silhouette especially fashionable with the belt. Importantly, the color of the belt contrasted with the color of the jacket and the buckle was beautiful and significant. Such an expressive accessory emphasizes any waist.

Highly recommended, along with a red jacket to purchase accessories in the following colors and shades: white, brown, yellow and blue. It also understands and accessories beige, silver, gold and red colors. You should avoid combinations of red with purple or violet. Of course, from the fashion never goes out and the immortal red and black.

We must remember that the color red is quite bright, so it already attracts attention. And not to look too bright and gaudy, make sure the other pieces of your outfit and accessories were much calmer in color. All this will allow to cross the fine line between trendy and tacky.

Select shade

Really red down jackets is ideal for brunettes having a matte face. These women should combine it with black and white, including intermediate gray shades.

Blondes with fair skin is best to wear jackets of ruby, coral or red flowers.

Brown hair bright red color is unlikely to decorate, but the cranberry color and the shades of pink in them.

As for red-haired women with dark skin, the colors that you should pay attention to is crimson, coral and salmon.

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