What to wear with red dress

Red is recognized to symbolize passion, love, sexuality. Absolute any girl, wearing a dress of this color will feel like a Queen. And the outfit of this shade for a long time is very popular.

2012 is the year of the dragon, which has fiery shades. So all the designers on the catwalks actively represent this color. The type and texture of the fabric can be completely various: velvet, chiffon, lace, thin knits, silk and leather.

Choose dress red


Stylists say that every girl in the wardrobe must be a red thing, and especially dress. Because of this outfit contributes to the conquest and charm others.

When choosing the dress you must be careful, because it can emphasize the dignity of the body, but also to show its shortcomings. During the fitting you will see how bright your appearance: dark skin, eyebrows, hair. An important role plays the type of shape.

More skinny women should choose moderate shades, for example, the color of ash, wine, ruby. Ladies with dark skin and a significant texture should give preference to dark tones.

You must respect the harmony regarding the type of skin tone and tissue. For example, women with fair skin choose cool colors of red, and with dark-richer.

This outfit is clearly to attract the attention of others to your person. Mention that you need to properly apply makeup that will hide flaws and highlight the beauty of the face. Red dresses quite demanding, so you should do one accent, for example, on the lips. Remember that everything should be in moderation, so choose reserved tones in makeup. Lipstick in no case should not be of the same tone with the dress.

What to wear with red dress?

Just perfect when wearing dresses with accessories black, elegant shoes or heeled sandals. It looked so elegant.

It is an error if the shoes and jewelry you buy to match the outfit. Best buy jewelry black or gold color, and handbag, shoes and belt in black or beige colors.

Perhaps you want to draw attention to the style of dress. Then, be concise and don’t force others to stare at other elements of your appearance.

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