What to wear with red blouse

Every girl dreams to stand out from the crowd. Someone is making it with bright and unexpected colors in clothing. The leading position of the red color that can even a boring office along to give a festive look. The most popular item of attire in red color blouse. But You have not looked garish, it is important to choose what to wear.

Cotton red blouse

Red blouse made of cotton you can wear to the office if the dress code does not stipulate a particular color of clothing. A bright blouse is perfect for the skirt and Trouser suits in grey or black. The jacket can be replaced by a vest. The red blouse looks good with clothes of light shades such as beige, cream or white. This combination will add to nail the tone of the blouse, the shoes of the same hue handbag and, of course, lipstick.

Chiffon red blouse

Sheer chiffon blouse in red worn in several ways. Under it you can wear a black or white shirt with shoulder straps, classic trousers in the color of the shirt or dark skinny jeans. Summer pants can be replaced with shorts or a skirt. In the evening You are going to a party or other festive event, then the blouse you can wear a bustier dress made of leather or thick guipure. The dress can be replaced by a corset, black trousers or knee length skirt. These options are complemented by ankle boots or stilettos and a red or black clutch bag.

Red satin blouse

Satin blouse red color due to the material and its bright colors will be the main part of the outfit. Other elements of the ensemble should be classic cut and neutral color. Skirts can be any length, but very short skirt is better to abstain. Short black or brown leather jacket worn on the red blouse of satin warm evening, and will make Your look stylish.

Unusual solution to wear red blouses

With the classic combination of red blouse with other clothes we have understood, but what to wear a red blouseto create a fashionable and memorable way? Stylists recommend retro style. Red shirt combined with a skirt-bell blue, or yellow. The retro look is supplemented by a hairband to match the skirt, beautiful shoes, bag and makeup. Do not forget about accessories and manicure.

Well-known women’s website States: «well-Known fashion houses offer an unusual color combination with red blouses». Looks interesting red shirt with purple, Burgundy and dark brown fur. To complete your fashionable ensemble recommended wide-brimmed hat with a satin ribbon and a thin leather strap at the waist.

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