What to wear with moccasins?

Women and men of all ages prefer this comfortable and practical shoes, like moccasins. First discovered moccasin North American Indians, as well as some peoples of North America. Gradually this easy, with many options of design shoes, began to wear European.

Before you purchase a moccasin to be clear, for what purpose you buy this Shoe. Various models of moccasins allow you to choose shoes for every occasion and event. So, Americans may wear loafers with tassel for a business meeting, combining this model with the costume style.

Model moccasin «Vegans» decorated pad on the tongue. These moccasins are worn on bare feet. In such shoes you can walk around the city. Moccasin company «Beefroll» have stylish, understated decor, which makes their combination with business suits.

Model moccasin, with bumps on the sole are the most expensive and versatile. Such shoes to wear without socks. The model of «penny» is a free style. These moccasins can be combined with any clothes, excluding business style.

What to wear with moccasins? Consider various options to combine moccasins with clothes.

  • Loafers in a classic style, perfect to top with a vest and short shorts. This option is ideal accessories in the form of bright belts and handbags, repeating the inconspicuous color of the clothes.
  • In cold weather, you can wear tapered trousers or skirt, blouse or tunic with sleeves three quarters, takes a bag, a scarf of light material, and moccasins of the same tones with accessories.
  • Loafers – this shoes fits perfectly to any clothes for everyday wear. Great for free style breeches or jeans with a t-shirt with a jacket, cardigan and loafers.
  • In addition to jeans and trousers, loafers can be worn with dresses and straight skirts of medium length. In this case, you must choose the right model of Shoe.
  • If the sole of the moccasin is perfectly in harmony with a little bit of a cropped Jean and a shirt of light color. If desired, the shirt can be replaced with a fitted shirt or top, emphasizing a more free style.
  • Moccasins made of suede and leather is a classic option that is perfect for everyday style. Sportswear, blazer and canvas trousers is also a good place for suede loafers. As a rule, suede moccasins come in three colors: blue, caramel and brown.
  • Leather moccasins, made in dark colors, the most successfully combined with clothes of formal style.
  • Polusportivny moccasins of different colors perfectly fit into any clothes. Such shoes are best worn by teenagers and young people.
  • If you want to look romantic and feminine, wear a dress of light material or a flowing tunic with pants or leggings. Such outfits will fit moccasins, decorated with embroidery, sequins, beads and other decorative material.
  • For jumpsuit and leather jacket is perfect loafers in the tone of things. If the weather is warm enough, then replace the overalls with a shirt with short sleeves or a blouse. A blazer quite harmoniously replace the jacket.

So, loafer is shoes, which can be combined with different styles and images. Whether you are a romantic lady, a business woman or an ordinary city dweller, you will choose a loafer that will complement your style. Comfortable loafers will allow you to feel comfortable, not allowing the legs to be tired.

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