What to wear with lace shorts?

Straight from the podium amazing beauty lace went in the wardrobe of every girl who likes to buy something new and not afraid to experiment. Love Lacy things in all directions at once raises the question: what is to combine lace shorts?

Shorts are a unique article of clothing. We are all accustomed to what we wear shorts since childhood, but in those days, to think about their own style, it was still early. Many shorts associated with vacation and summer periods.

The main advantage of shorts is that they are practical: short, long, or medium length. And, of course, sexual: after all, if a girl does not like to wear very short skirts, she can always wear shorts, and they can always make an accent on open toe.

What to wear with lace shorts?

The new trend is lace shorts — a new trend in fashion. What lace shorts should be combined, where to wear and how to appear in this way — a separate issue.

Lace shorts can be substituted for dresses and skirts, created from lace, that everything is already put away in her wardrobe.

Shorts, contrast lace pants in a dark wash, which seemed to create for a special event, you can call casual clothing, though with a few reservations: in the office the clothes do not wear even on the last working day in many companies necessarily have to follow a dress code and allowed to wear only things boxy, but not tight.

In other words, summer is the most that neither is a wonderful time of the year for shorts. It remains only to understand what they should combine.

What to wear with lace shorts?

Except in summer, lace shorts can be worn in spring and autumn — it all depends on how comfortable you will feel in this dress.

Suggest to wear lace shorts, combining them with a closed top, in other words, the girl who decided to wear the thing should not look vulgar and tasteless.

Because by themselves, the shorts look very bold and attract a lot of attention from others.

Lace shorts in the summer we can wear a variety of shirts, t-shirts, in other words, the top, which will not be much to open the upper part of the body.

From the top you can wear a Bolero, cardigan and other things.

Lace shorts will look great with the shoes on a small heel or without it, and also ballet flats, sandals, sandals on a small wedge heel.

If you decide to wear a lace shorts, it is necessary to give answers to questions such as: how comfortable would you feel in the clothes, how they look on your figure, what you could carry this thing.

After all, if you decided to wear lace shorts, then your image should be unique.

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