What to wear with lace dress?

If you want to make your wardrobe a touch of sexiness and freedom, then get yourself a pair of Lacy dresses. This dress looks great on the figure, highlighting all its advantages. Lace dress is perfect for cocktail parties and social events and for romantic dates, walks.

Thanks to the lace girl can transform beyond recognition, will become brighter and more refined.

Lace dress does not require much decorations, because in itself is bright enough. However, a well chosen accessories in any case will not spoil the image and make it more intense.

Lace dress for office

Lace can be found not only at the evening event. Lace dress can become and office clothing. The main thing here is to choose a not too transparent lace. You can choose a model with a small lace inserts. Of course, dress for the office should be the proper style. For example, office option — this lace sheath dress just below the knee, which you can pick up a fitted blazer and high-heel shoes.

Lace dress as the evening dress

In this case, imagination has no limits. You can experiment with styles: close-fitting dresses, dresses with skirts, dresses and mini dresses in floor length. Important point — the correct selection of accessories. It is better to choose one or the other. For example, if you decided to wear earrings, the beads have to wear not worth it. Be sure to pick out a clutch and shoes of the same shade. In order to accentuate the waist you can pick up a thin strap. This dress will make you irresistible at the party.

Color: black or white?

If you prefer the image of the fatal beauty or vamp, then your choice should stop at a black lace dress. Sandals or shoes, pick heels. They do not have to be black. Augment the image with some accessory such as a necklace, earrings or a beautiful bracelet.

Air and gentle way will help you create a dress of bright colors. You can Supplement it sandals and shoes, without a heel. Shoes can be any color, but the accessories should be adjusted to match the shoes.

Color lace dress

Interesting look dresses of yellow, deep blue, yellow, lace. The color of the dress is chosen on the basis of skin color and hair. Will look great the combination of red lace with gold accessories and gold hues.

Note: it is Not necessary to choose very short dresses that is not the impression that you are wearing a nightgown. Accessories should not contain additional lace panels. It will be overkill.

Below in the photo gallery you will see what to wear with lace dress :

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