What to wear with jeans?

Good day! Every modern girl must have in her wardrobe jeans. To make a profitable purchase fashion items is half the problem, you need to find things that these jeans will look good. Today we will examine the topic of what to wear with jeansto look fashionable and original.

What to wear with jeans of different styles?

Blouse, sweater or other thing that you will need to dress up, should be combined in color with jeans. To the light brown jeans will suit bright shades.

If you purchased beige jeans, you can dress them up with a blouse, shirt or jumper bright orange color. On your feet you can wear brown loafers and all complement a glamorous belt.

Jeans must be purchased in accordance with your body type.

If you have purchased trendy faded jeans with holes, you can top dress jacquard blazer or jacket in a cage and as an accessory-a bright wide silk scarf or shawl.

With colored jeans perfectly plain sweater. In cold weather you can wear black and white jacket. Grey jeans go well with a blouse or sweater of the same color. This outfit must complement the bright accessories.

Slender women of fashion will look great jeans with a low rise. They can be worn with jacket a leather biker jacket. If you prefer jeans in the style of «boyfriend», you can top dress shirt loose large cells.

Will look great white jeans paired with a white lace blouse and black leather coat. If you bought jeans in the horizontal stripes, the top can also choose to dim the strip not to overdo it with stripes.

If you prefer classic styles, the colors should blend and not be too noticeable.

With blue jeans you can easily wear a blouse in bright and warm tones, a little darker and the cardigan in the same tone to pick up the bag and strap.

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