What to wear with hoodies

How convenient and nice it is in summer cool dress with warm soft hooded sweatshirt, or hoodie, as the Americans (eng. «Hood» — «hood»).

This type of clothing is analogous hoodies (hooded sweatshirts), made of soft knit. Its feature is the hood, which on the front side gates-front protects from the wind. Looks modern and stylish, is often used by girls for casual wear.

What to wear with hoodies

Lean have different patterns from short to long models, reminiscent of the dresses. The most common are short. They go well with narrow pants or jeans, leggings and short skirts. If the hoodie is worn over an elongated shirt, you get effortless, easy style. On warmer days, thin you can withdraw and stay in a stylish t-shirt. To complete the ensemble will help pair of shoes sandals or sneakers.

What to wear with hoodies

The sporty direction of the lean will complement shorts or athletic pants in combination with sneakers. If you do not want to wear pants, you can pick up a small flared skirt.

Nice look at the girls long hoodies, reminiscent of a knitted dress or tunic. Emphasizing feminine shapes, thin soft hides figure flaws. These are complemented by sweatshirts tights (leggings, tights), and shoes — boots, sneakers, sneakers, uggs, moccasins. High heels this style is not suitable. At the end of the image, you can wear a knitted hat or a cap on the head, of accessories suitable leather gloves, and backpacks.

Lean may be selected and in the romantic style: decorated with sequins, rhinestones, appliqués. From footwear to fit ensemble ballet flats or ankle boots.

Also, these hoodies can be worn with outerwear (short coats, raincoats, jackets). In conjunction with the jacket the hood can be fix on top of the jacket to wear instead of hats.

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