What to wear with high tops?

Long gone are the days when sneakers were considered the sports shoes. Before they can be worn for football, fitness or dancing. Now the sneakers are even at glamorous parties in Nightclubs.

A hit of this season are high, sneakers. Models are different and they differ in color: bright prints, stickers, sequins and stripes, and sole type: thick, thin, wedges and even heels.

What to wear with high tops?

Young girls prefer to wear high shoes with short skirts and shorts — this is definitely a winning option.

If you wear these shoes with pants, it must be skinny jeans tucked inside. The main thing — correctly to pick up color.

So, if your white or blue jeans, sneakers, correspondingly, is also better to choose light. But if you put jeans of dark shades, the color selection of sneakers unlimited.

What to wear with high tops?

There are a few rules of wearing high sneakers, because despite its versatility, the model is quite specific.

First, the color never pair sneakers with more than three colors of clothes. This basic rule applies not only to wearing high shoes, but clothing at all. If your sneakers with bright colored laces and patterns, the top is better to choose some kind of solid that meets the color of the bright accent of the Shoe.

What to wear with high tops?

Second — pick the clothes the bottom so that he didn’t hide the shoes, then there is no sense to wear sneakers with slacks to the floor.

Thirdly — don’t be afraid to experiment, sneakers is a Shoe that gives the image a freedom and a touch of bullying, so no harm will be little to stand in front of a mirror, trying on different accessories, your intuition will tell you which option to use best.

What to wear with high tops?

Converse are shoes that has won the youth, because it is very practical and comfortable, but due to the different materials (leather, suede, textiles), one can endlessly experiment with.

Such shoes can be worn anywhere like at work, for study and entertainment in a night club. It is important to choose an appropriate model. For example, for work and school fit high shoes pale colors — black, gray, brown, but on a disco it is possible to make the boldest of bold colors on the heel and rhinestones.

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