What to wear with high boots

Connoisseurs of fashion and style claim that the image created with the help of clothes appropriate just one bright focused attention to detail. A great accent can be high boots that give the woman style and sexuality. But boots with a high shaft, and require the intelligent combination with other items of costume, precisely because of its visibility. High boots can emphasize a slim figure and long legs, but I can make the image vulgar and vulgar.

Fashion Shoe trends this season are the different models of boots: ankle boot knee high boots, jockey boots and boots-stockings. Originality and clearly defined character of each model must correspond and match clothes. Better if it will be more relaxed in style things.

High boots go well with tapered-leg trousers and jeans that fit the hips well and look good tucked into boots. Jeans and straight pants or slightly flared, if they fill in the boots look baggy and ridiculous. Boots, knee-length combined with skirts like flared and straight. Skirt length varies. Skirt knees slightly closes the top of the Shoe, and may be shorter. However, it is worth considering that the combination of mini-skirts and treads creates an image of a frivolous, not to say frivolous.

Boots, which are the elements of military style, look great with a tunic, dress, sweater or dress with a smell. Interesting ensemble, built on the contrast you get when you wear with botfortas short silk dress with a subtle pattern or solid small pattern. But with the dress, trimmed with ruffles and ruching, boots do not combine completely. Do not also equip them with shorts and wide-leg pants.

High shoes tend to be worn in the off-season and winter. To botfortas goes well fur jacket or vest with skinny jeans or pants. High boots more relaxed nature or boots, stockings can be worn with a coat. The length should be just above or just below the knee. The silhouette of the coat can be straight or slightly extended downwards.

When selecting set of clothes and shoes do not neglect the color of both. Clothing and shoes the same color, although different tones that make the look relaxed, does not attract undue attention. However, it can revive another bright spot — a scarf or bag. Bright shoes will make everyone look at your feet, so it should stay flawless and as good-looking. Wear bright boots better to choose calm, neutral tones. If you prefer a bright, original costumes, combine it with shoes in classic colours (black, grey, brown) without any noticeable hardware.

Consider also that the boots of matte, patent leather or suede also look different. Patent shoes looks quite challenging, while the suede adds a touch of chic. Choosing clothes, try not to combine, for example, patent leather boots with clothes or sport a no-nonsense style.

Of course, creating an image, you need to focus on your character and taste, but we should not forget the old saying, «clothes make the man».

Below in the photo gallery you will see what to wear with tall boots :

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