What to wear with green bag?

Green is among the three most important colors of the spectrum. He has a calming effect on the nervous system. If you look at green, we can feel like our eyes are resting.

Perhaps it is due to the properties of the green color, many ladies often just can’t walk past a display of a green purse. But what to wear and what colors will harmonize with this handbag – these questions will be too late to worry its happy possessor.

So, in your closet there is a new handbag in the color green. Try to understand what it can be.

Most important, we must not overlook that there are many different shades of green: emerald, turquoise, olive, pistachio, aquamarine, etc. is from hue, and will depend on our choice, we can wear the green bag.

For example, purse rich green color of the salad will look great on a blue jeans background colors (with blue, but not dark blue), which you can pick up a jacket, turtleneck, black shirt, trench coat, etc.

Shades of pistachio in perfect harmony with the gentle lilac or rich purple, are also suitable and shades of eggplant. To handbag this color, you can pick up dress lilac color or a very bright purple coat. However, you should not choose shoes in the color of your bag, because it is not quite true, and the bright accents — bags and shoes, will be to divert attention from the integral image.

If your bag has a rich color of Mature greenery, it is perfect terracotta and brick tones. For example, you can choose terracotta cardigan or pants brick red. Dark greens are also perfectly blends with coffee shades – it could be a brown blouse, a jacket, turtleneck or dress.

Bag shade of a sea wave is perfectly combined with noble brown or chocolate color, as well as good practical black color. If you combine this tone with things black, you can use small accessories in the color of the bag – belt, or earrings and bracelet.

Pure green color looks good in tandem with red, which can be applied in clothing and accessories, and to use makeup, for example, to put on some lipstick bright red hue.

So, from the above, we have seen that it is very important what shade is your green bag. Using the above mentioned recommendations, you will easily be able to pick up a harmonious, perfectly combined outfit with a new handbag. And do not neglect a variety of accessories to match: belts, earrings, bracelets, scarves that can give your image perfection.

Below in the photo gallery you will see what to wear with green bag:

What to wear with green bag?

What to wear with green bag?

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