What to wear with flat shoes winter and summer

What to wear with flat shoes winter and summer

Product low course looked harmoniously in the generated image, it is important to know what to wear with flat shoes. Amateur products heels have a graceful and elegant gait, but every night they experience fatigue and pain in the legs, they have problems with the spine. It is especially difficult to women in the winter because the feet boots on the heels of faster freezing, and ice and snow drifts can cause unwanted damage. And go all the time in articles in high heels is harmful to health. Therefore, modern designers began to offer the product on a flat outsole.

What to wear with flat shoes?

Boots without a heel (with any shaft height) perfectly combined with jeans and tight trousers. Preferably wide-leg trousers to wear with other items because the boots in this embodiment can only change the proportion of the legs. These boots look great with a flared hem.

Boots-stockings with high tops are stylish to complement the mini-skirt. The image was not vulgar and was not seriously ruined the reputation of the owners, the upper part of the ensemble must be sufficiently cured (it is not necessary to use a short, fitted dress). Ideal – the bell skirt (or straight hem) in combination with an elegant blouse and jacket. Outerwear mid-length is not suitable for such shoes length things should be or below the knees, or buttocks.

What to wear with flat shoes, to make it complete and coherent? It is important that details of the wardrobe maintained the hue of the product (especially if coloured boots are a bright color). As outerwear, it is desirable to choose long coat or short jacket.

Enormous popularity among the women was versatile and comfortable ankle boots, visually reduce full calf.

What summer clothes to wear flat shoes?

Practical ballet flats can be combined with casual outfit, with a business kit. Such products are a good match with shorts, jeans, tight pants, short dresses, boxy skirts and breeches.

Perfect for tall girls – shoes under a long skirt or dress in romantic style. Little girls should remember that this combination will make them visually below.

Among the beauties of Hollywood has become quite popular combining air summer dresses with uggs. Daring fashionistas can take advantage of such a combination.

The main condition in order for a woman to feel fashionable and elegant footwear should be comfortable and go well with the outfit.

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