What to wear with fashion?

Tights (or leggings) is a type of skin-tight pants, more like tights, but without feet. The first leggings were worn by the military, because the skinny pants perfectly underscores the male figure. These pants the name comes from the English word «leg», which means «foot». Russian interpretation of the name – leggings – comes from the material from which was originally made for women (from the skin of the moose).

Leggings entered the world of women immediately after the fashion show of clothes of Chanel in the eighties of the last century. In that distant time every fashionista in her wardrobe had a few skirts in various bright colours. In our time, the material from which sew leggings, has become more diversified (leather, cotton, suede, wool). Even the models began to differ more courage.

Adding to losina different pockets, zippers and decorative zips made their own item of clothing. Now leggings you can wear not only in spring and summer, but deep, quite cool in fall. As a staple, trousers-skirts are quite versatile and are perfect for tunics and dresses, and a variety of topic, skirts, shorts.

What to wear with fashion: the fashion trend this year.

The versatility of such pants suggests a huge variety of options. Lovers of classic style can wear leggings with a dress-style or with long tunics.

Coming fall important will look knit pants combined with a long dress sweater. Fashionistas with modest growth, you have to know what single color scheme of this kit visually make the figure slimmer and taller. Best long warm tunics or dresses should be slightly below the hip line. With light dresses stylists recommend to wear a short skirt.

Not less interesting option, what to wear with leggings is the skirt. For all that the length of the skirt to the knee or slightly below in conjunction with leggings significantly reduces the length of the legs. In this regard, experts recommend fashionable women skirt mini or Tulip skirt with length just above the knees.

Important in the coming season will look complete from shirt for women medium length leggings. In this set plays a special role accessories (handbags, belts). Colors can be varied, however it is extremely fashionable to be a checkered shirt in combination with solid leggings.

Also popular this season are leggings combined with t-shirt. Such a classic, versatile outfit is perfect for shopping, classes at the fitness club, a night in the disco bar. In the latter case, very fashionable will look leggings under the skin with the shoes with classic heels or just high heels.

What shoes are fashionable to wear skirts?

As leggings – a universal thing, talk it you can pick almost any shoes, ranging from ballet and ending with the boots. Fashionistas who love comfort and convenience, like the option of leggings combined with summer shoes, mostly flats: ballet flats or sandals. Temptress with short stature should avoid this option because of the solid sole will visually reduce the growth. Petite women need to pay attention to shoes on a small heel, which together with the tight leggings will make the figure slender.

What shoes should be worn fashionable this fall?

The most fashionable option right now — the tights paired with ankle boots. Huge variety of latest involves the formation of a multivariate image. Under the boots fit well and different variants of skirts: it can be a classic solid knit, faux leather, color, bright and with various leopard prints. Leggings you can fill in the boots, or gather in the accordion in the area of the ankle, or pull on the back of the leg, capturing a small part of the heel. The main role here plays their own way and style.

Trendy in this season will look leggings combined with cowboy boots. Lovers of the classics experts advise to look at the similar colour scheme of pastel tones that visually extends feet. For example, it looks elegant brown or beige boots with gray or black pants. Those ladies who are not averse to experimenting on its own way, can choose contrasting colors, emphasizing the slimness of the legs in bright or colored tights.

The color scheme of the trousers-leggings in the upcoming season are extremely diverse – from classic colors to bright colors with geometric or leopard pattern, with large bright flowers or different ethnic figures.

Below in the photo gallery you will see how to wear trendy?

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