What to wear with fashion bags?

Bag is an important and practical thing of every woman’s wardrobe. Bag is able to complete the image, giving it elegance and uniqueness. And not necessarily that it was a bag of a famous brand it is only Important to choose the right bag for a certain style. Here are some rules, following which you will be able to pick up a bagthat allows you to combine it with any clothes.

So what to wear with fashion bags?

1. Wear your bag, the leather or textile, always in a good mood. So you charge the positive energy of others, which, of course, will stop your view is not only your bag, but also on the way. In a good mood you will radiate joy, warmth and pleasure in his appearance.

2. Each season – their own bag. In winter it is better to refrain from textile and suede bags, which, under the influence of snow, rain, cold, and permanently unusable. Bags made of leather also are not able to withstand frost resistant. Leather, fur and knitted bags able to withstand winter weather conditions.

3. Do not try to place in your accessory stuff, which is clearly not enough space. If you went to the store for a loaf of bread, carton of milk etc, use a plastic bag. Combine the items in the bag, you run the risk of deforming it, stretching to epic proportions. Too dimensional objects can simply break the material. In addition, the large weight of the bags may have a negative impact on your health. Regularly carrying heavy bags is fraught with curvature of the spine.

What to wear with fashion bags?

4. If you regularly drive in public transport, choose a bag made of dark materials. So you can extend the life of your accessory.

Bags of white and light tones are doomed to rapid biological properties and presentation. Continuous operation in a Packed bus, the bus, the subway will lead to rapid wear of the material, which will become shabby and untidy. But this does not mean you have to deprive yourself of the pleasure to use a white purse.

This elegant accessory will definitely must be present in a woman’s wardrobe. However, wear should be outside of public transport. For example, going for a walk, to the theater, to the restaurant, you can take white a handbag that will emphasize your sophistication and femininity.

5. Decorate your bag. Lightweight scarf tied nonchalantly on the bag will give you a certain mystique, elegance, tenderness. Various contents of an application will allow you to highlight your style and character. Beads, rhinestones, decorative pendants and trinkets can fill your image with creativity and originality. Textile bags, you can make interesting embroidery.

So, following the outlined guidelines, you will be able to choose a suitable for your style bag, and keep its gorgeous look.

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