What to wear with chiffon skirt

Fan of chiffon skirts are innumerable, and this recognition is well deserved.

Chiffon combines romantic beauty and comfort of wearing during the summer heat. Draped pleats never give out little feminine mysteries regarding little plump calves or wide hips. What to wear chiffon skirtto create a harmonious and complete image?

Long chiffon skirt

To double layer Maxi skirt to a wide elastic band in the summer good simply cut tank top, or simple shoes with a flat sole, ballet flats, sandals or clogs. If the chiffon skirt features a print or ornament to top it is better to choose plain t-shirt or blouse.

And Vice versa – to the skirt of neutral color pick up t-shirts, decorated with bright print. On a cool day t-shirt can be supplemented with a jacket or light leather jacket.

Skirt to the floor, asking the way romantic sound, will be the perfect ensemble with a wide-brimmed hat to protect from the sun. A wide belt, clutch bag with a sleek clasp, thin scarf, and a chunky bracelet that was born and conceived image, with a touch of vintage style and nespeshnost.

You can also create a romantic look with chiffon skirts, blouses, stylish glasses and high heel shoes.

Short chiffon skirt

Up short skirts, tend to gravitate more youthful, they run from stereotypes and are not afraid of bold experiments. They like skirts-packs, multi-layered and multi-tiered, from plain chiffon, white, pink, red, black, with diverse prints like flowers, peas. Wear a skirt, dangling on the hips, which gives the figure extra elegance.

As top choose the closed tops are perfect – shirt without sleeves, so-called «American». You can maintain a stylistic unity and to wear under a skirt-a pack ballet flats. And you can choose open or closed ankle boots and they tonal band at the waist. You can also create an image in retro style, selecting the chiffon skirt below the knees, a blouse in peas, and glasses, as a necessary attribute.

Chiffon is more associated with summer fashion, but is it worth it to deny myself the pleasure once again to «walk» skirt on a nice autumn day, if properly equipped, of course. You choose the skirt, it is dark in color, turtleneck fine wool and suede jacket, knitted jumper or cardigan.

Further photos are a few examples, what you can wear chiffon skirt.

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