What to wear with brown sheepskin

If you this winter, opted for fashionable sheepskin brown color, then, undoubtedly, you are interested in, what brown sheepskin coat can be worn. This brown sheepskin coat is the perfect accompaniment to almost any wear in your wardrobe. The rule of thumb when choosing items of clothing: the brown coats should fit in color to the selected items of clothing.

So, wearing a short sheepskin coat can be short skirt, crocheted or knitted dress, with simple, classic trousers with creases. This skirt is better fit shoes on oelstrom heel, such as boots. From shoes with heels, in this case it is better to refuse, as sheepskin will look «hard», but the image will not be harmonious.

Long sheepskin coat brown color with belt can be combined with classic-cut trousers. The belt can be tied a normal knot and bow. In this model of coats perfect platform boots or high heeled oelstrom.

Your image can be supplemented with a brown leather bag. If you have a classic black bag, and shoes must be black.

A sheepskin coat of brown color, you can pick up a hat from fur. The color of the selected caps may be in the tone of your sheepskin coat or, conversely, contrast. But looks best hat in the color of the fur on the collar and cuffs of clothing. White cap will refresh the image and is perfect for a sheepskin coat light brown warm hue.

The sheepskin coat of brown color can be worn with classic suits, dresses, skirts, blouses, supplemented with a variety of accessories. It all depends on you, your imagination and your mood.

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