What to wear with bright shoes

Classic black shoes – is an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. It would be nice, of course, to buy a pair of beige. But, it is just a sin to limit yourself to only a set must have, when the range of shoes on the shelves of Shoe shops is so wide and varied.

We recommend you allow yourself to splurge, even on a single instance, but a truly unusual Shoe. And with our tips, you will overcome difficulties as to what you can wear bright shoes.

Bright shoes right women

Of course, the highlight of your image may become bright shoes, but I can spoil completely. What matters is how you will be able to fit them into the overall ensemble. The basic rule of style: for a luxurious and eye-catching outfit, shoes should be picked up quiet and discreet. This rule also applies in the opposite direction: shoes in General, the ensemble will make a modest dress can sparkle very differently. This rule applies to the design and color scheme.

If you have no confidence that your stylistic flair and impeccable taste — to give preference to the safe combination. For example, on clothing black color will perfectly suit any bright shoes. An example is the classic combination of colors black and red. Black dress will look less Prim and restrained, if for him to wear red shoes. Matched the color of the shoes, the lipstick and the corresponding nail Polish will make you downright a style icon.

With neutral colors of clothing successfully combines a bright color shoes, such as white, gray and beige. These colors give a calm background. The main thing correctly to place accents and shoes saturated colors is exactly what you need to ensure that the image came to life.

Bright shoes – it’s beautiful

And adding to its ensemble of detail that corresponds to the colours of your shoes, you’ll see that it will look even more beautiful. Apply this technique and shoes will look like not just a strong touch and will fit perfectly in the part of your image. For example, turquoise, shoes and clothing brown, complemented by a bracelet of turquoise. This ensemble will look thought out and conceptualized.

You need to consider that additional detail should not play a dominant role. If the bright shoes to pick up a bag of the same color, that is a bad tone.

This technique will lead to what the image will look clumsy and congested. A better ensemble to complement the item of jewelry, a scarf, a collar or insert for a dress, that is, the addition should be inconspicuous.

A strong focus is the bright shoes

Therefore, it needs to be the main. The ensemble should not be hampered unusual cut of clothing, rich jewelry, fancy hat. The basic principle of moderation, he need to follow every stylish girl.

Multicolor shoes today are very popular. These shoes usually are decorated with abstract patterns. To match the outfit to the shoes, you need a special virtuosity. Here the main thing not to break the rule of three colors, otherwise it can be like a bright tropical bird.

Currently, while stylists — to the question of combining the different shades are quite affordable. Just keep in mind not only the rule of three colors but the principle of combining cool colors with cool and warm warm. In another field experiment for you open.

Also important is understanding where you can wear colourful shoes. Leopard shoes, for example in the office is not the place. Shoes, which are adorned with rhinestones or feathers is hardly suitable for everyday image. However, if the right to use these items of clothing, they’ll help you to create custom, exclusive ensembles, not worse ensembles, which are of Hollywood stars (by the way, they are bright shoes love).

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