What to wear with breeches

Very often breeches, many people confuse with a fairly similar piece of clothing — Capri. It is understood that they are very much different from each other, because sew Capri length below the knee usually to mid-calf and they can be not only close, but also sufficiently broad and flared. At the same time, always breeches are knee length and above and they are always technical. So what to wear breeches?

What to wear with breeches

What to wear with breeches?

The breeches are very versatile clothing. They will look nice at work and fishing, as well as at a party or outing. They are made from different fabrics including jeans and depending on the fabric begging all the other stuff. For example, an informal model denim that you can wear in any occasions in addition to office work, fit the same clothing options that fit and jeans:

  • t-shirt or bright enough soothing tones;
  • cardigans, shortened or lengthened, with an emphasis on the waist;
  • checkered shirt;
  • Mikey-alcoholic, preferably white color to create a summer image, etc.

NOT each of the offices decided to come to work in denim jodhpurs. At the same time, breeches, made of cotton, linen and various other fabric options — rather will look nice and in the workplace.

What to wear with breeches

To create the official image, breeches can be part of a suit with a blouse and fitted cropped jacket.

In that case, if you wear them in your everyday outfit, as the top choose a turtleneck or sweater.

If you are going for a business meeting, pick Brigham classic shirt or blouse, and party perfect chiffon blouse or short tunic.

Extremely relevant in combination with the classic top breeches with neck Cape.

What shoes to wear breeches?

Breeches made of jeans is so versatile thing that equally well will look and with sandals with a wedge heel and worn with heels and with sneakers and sneakers and with sandals and summer boots. Have in mind that the breeches must match the chosen style, no more special restrictions.

All the other breeches (not denim), in any case it is not necessary to wear a sports shoes and dress them with sneakers or sneakers would be a fashion mistake. Quite simply model breeches dark colors really look good with stilettos or heeled models without straps and with straps covering the ankle. Also ideal breeches will look great with boots, boots and ankle boots.

Separate bright fabric can very well be combined with fashionable sandals is equipped with many straps and clasp back with sandals or wedges.

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