What to wear with boots?

Many women and girls likes to wear fashionable and beautiful boots. Their love for these boots is because they are convenient and comfortable shoes. Besides, they make any girl look modern and beautiful. Despite the fact that sometimes boots accused of some kind of vulgarity, a properly selected wardrobe these boots will not cause such complaints. Models of these boots exist in both the winter and demi-season variants.

Boots for several years, including this season, is a fashionable trend, they can often be seen on the fashion shows catwalks. But, like some other parts of the wardrobe, they came to us from past centuries, when boots were worn by cavalry, and they looked like long boots, wide flare covering the knees.

Currently, these high boots, modified naturally and gracefully sitting on a stem, are trendy and modern part of women’s wardrobe. Style and harmony is achieved with the correct selection of the outfit to the boots. It is to botfortas depending on the model, and colour of the material matched the rest of the items of clothing.

The main thing to remember, what to wear, thigh boots, and what not

These boots can be worn with skirts and dresses, and with jeans, shorts, tight pants. If you wear them under tights, consider that they must be combined with tone. Stockings in colors bottomtime are not, except when boots the same color.

If you plan to wear boots with the dress, then the best and most suitable styles are the sheath dresses, tunics, sweaters. In this case, you must rely on the slimness of your legs. In any case, don’t choose the dress with deep neckline that matched the outfit does not look vulgar or too relaxed. Dress length allowed is very short. The best option is when the bottom of the dress about 10 inches above the top edge of the tops of the boots.

You can wear boots with skirts which should be short and voluminous. To be worn with a skirt it is advisable to pick boots which have high heels. The upper part of the outfit, you can pick any, be guided by your taste, but beware of deep cuts, too bare shoulders, visible strips naked body between the blouse and skirt.

If your outfit is voluminous, then boots should be as tight, and Vice versa. If you ignore this rule then your figure may look better, or ridiculous.

Jeans and leggings fit boots like high heels and solid shoes. A successful combination of such outfits will be blouses, tops, bright knitwear, short jackets, short jackets.

If boots have a rich decoration, respectively, the rest of the outfit needs to look more modest. With simple treads can afford more decorations.

If you follow these rules, wearing the jackboots will be a great option to outfit everyday wear and special occasions, and even holiday parties. Hardly anyone dares to accuse you of vulgarity and that your outfit is picked up with no taste. And your slim and beautiful legs will look just fine.

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