What to wear with boots without a heel and the heel

Almost every season of the fair sex go to numerous stores to pick up a new pair of shoes. This season especially popular are the boots and how to choose them and what to wear is not known to everyone. Boots – modern and stylish youth shoes, which is relevant for more than one season.

The offer of this commodity segment of the market is impressive, from classic leather to a glamorous suede. When you buy treads you should know some features of their boots are not recommended to wear girls with small growth and very curvaceous. Boots look best on slender legs. Boots can be combined with anything: dresses, pants (jeans), leggings, skirts. Remember, if you wear a dress or skirt, your tights should be tight to have a dark matte color.

Ideal for jackboots is a sweater dress with a wide belt, cinched waist, and dark tights. This image would be appropriate at a party, at work, school, the walk. Boots always look good with skinny jeans, the top can be a stylish jumper, cardigan or pullover. This outfit will be appropriate everywhere, it is quite practical, and gives its owner a certain charm.

Suede boots look very sexy regardless of the outfit. To suede boots have served you faithfully, you will have to make some effort to care for suede. Doesn’t hurt to have a spare pair of shoes designed for wet snow or ice. In order not to look ridiculous and you really developed a complete image, most stylists recommend three choices of fashion clothes that are 100% compatible with botfortas.

1) a casual knit dress with a fur vest is a trend of the season 2011-2012. Don’t forget about the dark matte tights and fashion accessories.

2)a classic pencil skirt in black with a rather conspicuous riding (jumper, cardigan). Leather black belt can emphasize the waist line, and a clutch tonal outerwear will make your look fashionable and memorable.

3) elegant blouse or shirt with skinny black trousers. Stylish decoration and elegant handbag will give your outfit the charm and romanticism.

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